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The Golden Ticket: Becoming a Superstar & Impactful Open Source Contributor

The Golden Ticket: Becoming a Superstar & Impactful Open Source Contributor

Otemuyiwa Prosper

March 29, 2022

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  1. Meet Prosper Otemuyiwa - OSS Contributor - Co-founder, forloop Africa

    - Co-founder, Eden Life - Angel Investor in 20+ startups @unicodeveloper
  2. Open Source Festival 2022 Building great & impactful software in

    the public & for free is incredibly hard.
  3. Open Source Festival 2022 We’re at a breaking point where

    the sustainability of open source is at stake.
  4. “What if you were handed a golden ticket that could

    magically start your tech life afresh? What will you do? What actions will you take?” - Prosper Otemuyiwa
  5. - Finding & fixing vulnerabilities - Boost code health -

    Be faster at code onboarding - Code Reuse
  6. - Contribute to the Laravel community - Built the Laravel

    Cloudinary SDK - Built the Laravel Paystack lib.
  7. Look for APIs that deserve their own libraries / SDKs

    & make or even better contribute to them.
  8. - Integrate tools that keeps bundle size in check, e.g

    bundle size, IDE extensions. Etc - Setting up linters - Setting up tools that facilitate great code standards.
  9. - Set up documentation for better onboarding to OSS projects.

    - Set up demos to help new contributors grok the projects faster. - Make finding code easier on platforms & projects.
  10. “You don’t have to know everything, but you should learn

    how and where to find the things you need and want to know” - Albert Einstein
  11. Interested in Open Source Contributions & Want to learn more?

    https://srcgr.ph/osca2 2-community-space