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Harnessing the creativity of the uncreative! (Amir Ansari)

Harnessing the creativity of the uncreative! (Amir Ansari)

I have always believed that we are born with nothing but creativity in our blood. It's unfortunate that most humans have this pure gift squeezed out of them as they progress through the journey that is life. I've been exploring techniques to help even the most uncreative become creative.

From Service Design 2012: http://www.uxaustralia.com.au/servicedesign-2012/harnessing-the-creativity-of-the-uncreative


May 09, 2012

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  1. Harnessing  the   creativity  of  the   uncreative!    

    Amir  Ansari 4  May  2012 Service  Design  2012
  2. What?

  3. Crea;vity. What  does  it  mean? Can  all  of  us  be

     crea;ve? How?
  4. cre-­‐a-­‐;v-­‐i-­‐ty Using  the  imagina,on  to     create  or  produce

     something  novel  or  new
  5. Who  am  I?

  6. 13  years  experience   in  UX  and  UCD I  endeavour

     to  innovate  and   succeed  at  delivering  great  user   and  customer  experiences Industrial  designer     by  trade Longest  serving     Stamford  Interac.ve  employee I  like  to  think  I’m   crea;ve
  7. Why?

  8. Donna  Spencer [the  lunch,me  talks]   are  a  nice  way

     to   stay  alert  while  our   stomachs  process  a   big  lunch.
  9. How?

  10. 1.  Tell  you  what  I  think 2.  Introduce  some  ideas

     by  thought   leaders  on  the  maDer
  11. Why  this  topic?

  12. ? Dad Mum Father    in-­‐law Mother    in-­‐law My

     wife Me
  13. crazy-­‐images.blogspot.com

  14. stepbystep.com

  15. ?

  16. None
  17. h1p://alturl.com/4yfgr

  18. None
  19. None
  20. None
  21. None
  22. hQp://alturl.com/kzue5

  23. None
  24. The  crea;ve  process •  Prepara;on •  Incuba;on •  Revela;on • 

    Evalua;on 30  November  2011 Stamford  Interac;ve 24
  25. Where  to  from  here?

  26. clker.com

  27. davidicke.com

  28. readersrandomramblings.blogspot.com

  29. AMIR  ANSARI   STAMFORD  INTERACTIVE Thank  you. Stamford  Interac;ve 29