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How design thinking created an entirely new way to buy and sell cars

August 11, 2017

How design thinking created an entirely new way to buy and sell cars

This presentation will teach you how to apply principles of UX beyond the screen to business models and real world customer experiences.

In a global ­first in used car retailing, Carzoos has redefined a century ­old business model by creating an entirely new way to buy and sell used cars.

This presentation outlines the entire Carzoos case study. You'll learn how design thinking helped shape not just the digital experience, but also the business model and entire customer experience. You'll how hear the exact customer pain points were identified and how design thinking overcame every one of them.

Presented by Andy Howard at UX Australia 2017


August 11, 2017

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    financial year”. UX is about the long game.
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    isn’t about trying to solve it yourself. 3
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