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Luella Paine - How to run a multi-country qualitative study and keep your sanity

Luella Paine - How to run a multi-country qualitative study and keep your sanity

When I led a global qualitative UX research project earlier this year, on paper it seemed like one of our typical projects: 50 participants, 60-minute remotely moderated one-on-one interviews and a straightforward research topic. But with participants in seven countries, across 16 time zones and with many non-native English speakers, this project proved to be quite different. This presentation discusses some of the challenges of conducting a multi-country qualitative study including recruitment, scheduling, logistics and study design. Oh, and it helps if you don’t try to move house at the same time!



March 17, 2022

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  1. Informe d decision s Design Research 2022 How to run

    a multi-country qualitative study and keep your sanity
  2. Hi there…

  3. Luella Sean Tony NEW PROJECT

  4. What’s covered? ✓Project brief Final thoughts ✓ Challenges ✓ 1.

    Scheduling 2. Recruitment 3. Language 4. Interviews
  5. The brief ✓50 interviews Coders ✓ 7 countries ✓ 16

    time zones ✓ Non-English backgrounds ✓
  6. Scheduling

  7. Project planning ✓Map compatible times Specify times in briefs ✓

    Avoid flexibility ✓ How many moderators? ✓
  8. Only 7 rooms to go! My office

  9. Recruitment

  10. Online platforms ✓Do your research Can they deliver? ✓ Plan

    B? And C? ✓ Specify available times ✓
  11. Local recruiters ✓Allow extra time How best to communicate? ✓

    Am I being clear? ✓ Expect some glitches ✓
  12. Man with a van Are we there yet?

  13. Language

  14. Language barriers ✓Plain English briefs Consider translations ✓ Videos to

    check English competency ✓
  15. Prep for interviews Simple mod guides ✓ Consider using interpreters

    ✓ Adjust sessions for interpreters ✓
  16. Interviews

  17. Interview challenges ✓Remote fidelity Moderator fatigue ✓ Participant fatigue ✓

  18. Conducting interviews ✓Review mod guides More down time ✓ Fewer

    per day ✓
  19. Final thoughts…

  20. Home, sweet home Our new backyard

  21. Informe d decision s Thank You