From Patterns to `test && commit || revert`

From Patterns to `test && commit || revert`

Kent Beck (TDD, eXtreme Programming, Agile Manifesto) has a couple new ideas. They both sound so terrible and impossible that they just might be totally amazing.

1. test && commit || revert If tests pass, commit everything. If they fail, revert everything. Automatically. Wild.

2. LIMBO. Anything that's committed is pushed. Anything that's committed by teammates is automatically pulled in while you work. So wild.

Does this work? Does it scale? Will I always be losing important progress because of a typo? Will this make me a better / faster / happier programmer?

We'll cover tools, process, deficiencies, mental models, and experiences. Show up and see what happens.


Shane Becker
Shane (he/him) is a developer, designer, and an anarchist. He was once the open source cheerleader for Rubinius. He co-organized Cascadia Ruby, Farmhouse Conf and Barn Talks. Currently, he’s a senior software engineer at and coordinator of development on (an anti-fascist anarchist publishing collective). He's exploring these wild-sounding new ways software development to see if another world is possible.


Shane Becker

April 30, 2019