Modular Development with RequireJS

7b2e61d5f8a1e936afbe637ce5f5d126?s=47 Vernon Kesner
September 11, 2013

Modular Development with RequireJS

This talk was originally given at BlendConf in September 2013. The talk takes a moment to examine some current problems that we face in front-end development. Then, it goes on to explore a couple modular patterns and principles (Single Responsibility Principle, Separation of Concerns, IIFE, Module Pattern, Revealing Module Pattern). We then moved in to modular development approaches we can take today using AMD and one of the implementations of this spec, RequireJS. At the end of the talk, I took a few minutes to talk about Harmony Modules proposed for ES6 and what they look like today.


Vernon Kesner

September 11, 2013