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Git and Python workshop

B488b215fc8fe37b528bc5f1643b2cd7?s=47 Victor Neo
October 19, 2011

Git and Python workshop

This are the slides for the Git and Python workshop held in NTU on 19th October 2011.
Will not make any sense for non-attendees.


Victor Neo

October 19, 2011


  1. GitPython @victorneo

  2. limited time learn the basics, and explore

  3. install time

  4. Python a programming language

  5. dynamic typing interpreted fun? probably

  6. you have all learnt programming before, so let’s head straight

    for a quick example
  7. write a Python application to search for tweets containing #ntuoss

  8. #ntuoss

  9. Git source control system

  10. zip les dropbox most students use to work on a

    team project (please don’t use them)
  11. repository where your codes are stored

  12. before turning into a Git repository

  13. after turning into a Git repository NO DIFFERENCE

  14. tracks le changes git creates a hidden directory Commit your

    changes and revert back anytime
  15. git add . git commit print(‘Hello World’) (

  16. git add . git commit print(‘Hello OSS’) (

  17. git revert <stu > print(‘Hello World’) ( uncommitted changes can

    be lost
  18. bob alice 2. git clone proj 1. git init

  19. bob alice 3. git add 4. git commit 4.

    git pull
  20. bob alice server

  21. Django web framework for perfectionists with deadlines

  22. ORM templates caching unit tests

  23. easy_install django to install Django

  24. victorneo/osstwitter-oct19 clone this project

  25. explore git, rails, django, node.js meet rails brigade, pugs etc

    have fun
  26. Django Python User Group SG!forum/pythonsg (we are nice

    people!) Git community book
  27. Thank you! @victorneo