The Secrets of High-Performance Mobile JavaScript Applications

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May 17, 2014

The Secrets of High-Performance Mobile JavaScript Applications


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My discussion revolves around the following subject matters:

A deeply object-oriented architecture may be shooting yourself in the foot;
Not using a library/framework should be the way to go, if you can;
You should be as lean as possible (i.e., the less objects you create, the better; the less the size of DOM, the better… and you might need special techniques like DOM sharding)
The bottom line is, being minimalistic is your friend:

If you need a banana, don't pass a gorilla that holds the banana and the entire jungle with it.
You can create applications that perform quite like their native counterparts, if you pay some extra attention to details.

And I will try to show you a way, and talk about real-life best practices to make your single page, fat client, hybrid JavaScript web application as snappy as its native counterparts.



May 17, 2014