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CloudSigma - Zadara Summit

CloudSigma - Zadara Summit


Viktor Petersson

June 16, 2014


  1. Viktor Petersson
 VP Business Development viktor@cloudsigma.com
 @vpetersson Zadara Summit 2014

  2. We believe customers need the same level of sophistication and

    customization from their infrastructure in the public cloud as they do in private cloud or bare metal. You can’t summarize the world’s computing requirements into a few pre-defined server types. PHILOSOPHY

  4. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS • Configurability • Mature and stable

    • Full hardware emulation • Flexible server sizes • Capacity elasticity • Dynamic pricing • Geographic distribution • Powerful automation Private cloud Public cloud
  5. CUSTOMER VALUE • Do one thing, and do it well

    • Higher price-performance • Highly optimized virtual infrastructure configuration • Compatible with legacy stack • Support and customer relationships
  6. COMPANY SNAPSHOT • Founded 2009. First cloud went live Q1,

    2010 • 500% revenue growth year-over-year 2010 – Q1 2013 • Cloud locations: San Jose, Washington DC, Miami, Zurich1 & Zurich2 • Upcoming locations: Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo & Singapore
  7. PRODUCT OVERVIEW • We don't believe in one-size-fits-all (i.e. no

    "cookie cutter"-approach) • The cloud for sophisticated compute users • Private patch for hybrid cloud deployments • SSD priced as magnetic disk • Dynamic burst pricing
  8. PRODUCT FEATURES • The CloudSigma stack • KVM + Qemu

    • Supports (almost) any x86 OS unmodified • No lock-in: upload and download disk images • Advanced CPU options for guests
  9. PRODUCT FEATURES • Networking • Multiple private VLANs (per VM)

    • Full-featured VLANs with broadcast, multicast etc • Host customer's IP ranges
  10. PRODUCT FEATURES • Storage • SSD storage by default •

    Mitigates the noisy neighbor issue • Native Zadara integration (API) • Geo-replication (coming soon)
  11. PRODUCT FEATURES • Simple utility billing • Five minute bill

    cycles • Subscription and burst • Time and volume discount • Sophisticated adaptive burst pricing • Multi-currency billing • Competitive with hardware at any scale
  12. FULL PERFORMANCE SLA • Customer Defined Computing • Guaranteed network

    performance • Guaranteed storage performance • Resource allocation and live migration
  13. CloudSigma + Zadara

  14. TRUE HYBRID CLOUD • Private patch ability • Maps directly

    into a cloud VLAN • No need for a VPN • Full line speed and low latency • Seamless public cloud to colo integration
  15. True Hybrid Cloud

  16. TRUE HYBRID CLOUD • Leverage existing investments • Avoid the

    public internet • Get true computing elasticity • Maintain a single technical environment • Leverage our infrastructure services, such as DDoS protection
  17. TRUE HYBRID CLOUD • Use cases: • Zadara as a

    unified storage • Disaster Recovery (DR) • On-demand seamless scale-out
  18. THANKS The slides will be available at:
 https://speakerdeck.com/vpetersson/cloudsigma- zadara-summit Contact

 Email: viktor@cloudsigma.com
 Twitter: @vpetersson
 LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/vpetersson