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Beyond Just a Menu Display

Beyond Just a Menu Display

Advanced Security and Rapid Innovation for Every Screen. A joint talk between Canonical and Screenly at QSRNext.

Viktor Petersson

November 14, 2023

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  2. A flavour of Ubuntu with a minimal footprint Modular and

    simple architecture and packages: snaps! Updated transactionally, worry free updates and rollback Automatically confines applications for additional security Provides an amazing developer experience with snapcraft With a store to easily update devices and add/remove apps Trusted cadence and Long Term Support releases What is Ubuntu Core?
  3. Applications are provided as snaps! • The snap format is

    a compressed filesystem with a single metadata file describing the security profile and desired integration of the snap. • That format is shared by everyone in the snap community, regardless of their choice of store, authentication systems, licensing or host Linux distribution. • Decisions taken now by a Technical Oversight Board that represents a range of communities and companies. • Easy packaging system, Package it once and be in control of the version delivery and the software stack
  4. A store to manage your devices and updates Provides identity

    and update mechanisms for • Devices • Software • Users
  5. • Secure by design • IoT Graphics using standard Wayland

    protocol and tooling • Easy configuration, deployment and update • Up to 10 years of support by Canonical • Compatible with Flutter, Qt, html5 and more Ubuntu Frame
  6. "The move to Screenly provides security updates even faster. This

    in turn gives us the peace of mind that our digital signage devices are secured and that we’re as protected as we can be from the latest hacks or ransomware." - Nathan Hunstable, CTO, Cinergy Saved $50,000 on the move to Screenly
  7. Edge Apps empower developers to build powerful applications, such as:

    • Check-in kiosks • Intelligent lobby screens • Dashboard screens • Industry 4.0 real time displays • Wayfinding screens • Vending machines • Queue management screens • Transportation schedule screens
  8. Your value-add and differentiator lies here... Operating System App Distribution

    Device Management Your App Hardware Critical “busywork” }
  9. Operating System App Distribution Device Management Your App Hardware With

    Screenly's Edge Apps, you can focus on what you really care about: the app. We enable users to shave several months off of their time to market while also saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  10. Challenges • Implement strategy to bring technology in-house and develop

    as a core competence • Select OS to support initial production management system developed as a Flutter application Solutions • The combination of Ubuntu Core and Ubuntu Frame is an ideal platform to support modern graphical applications based on Flutter • Ubuntu Core supports a wide range of production-ready hardware from OEM and ODM partners, including the Intel NUC Outcomes • Greggs has developed several applications, including a production management system, order management system & in-store POS • These applications have been rolled out across an estate of 2,500+ stores, with OTA updates managed via a private IoT App Store Case study - Greggs