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Continuous delivery - Microsoft Azure App Slots.

Continuous delivery - Microsoft Azure App Slots.

A modern Deployment of apps using Microsoft's azure deployment slots as a way to continuously deliver to production without downtime.


Wale Ayandiran

November 10, 2017

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  1. Continuous Delivery (Azure App Slots): A modern developer's BAE. By:

    Wale Ayandiran @waleCloud @ forloop Asaba November 10, 2017
  2. What we will cover at the end • What is

    Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery • Staging/Pipeline/Slots workflow • Git & Versioning • Various cloud hosting Platforms • Sample web Application on this methodology Objective:
  3. Hello World! ❖ Wale Ayandiran ❖ Web developer and Solution

    Consultant ❖ Web development Learning Facilitator @ekobits ❖ Bits Academy Trainer ❖ Writer at medium.com/justcodenow ❖ Medium @waleloud
  4. Which one is continuous delivery again???

  5. Continuous Delivery Defined Continuous delivery is a software development methodology

    where the release process is automated. Every software change is automatically built, tested, and deployed to production. Source: Amazon Before the final push to production, a person, an automated test, or a business rule decides when the final push should occur. Although every successful software change can be immediately released to production with continuous delivery, not all changes need to be released right away.
  6. So you're telling me continuous delivery is ghen ghen abi?

    What has been happening before now? Oya tell me na!
  7. The Old BAE We were basically uploading and downloading files.

  8. How do I continuously deliver? Meet BAE's sister → Continuous

    Integration (CI)
  9. Continuous Integration CI - Continuous integration is a software development

    practice where members of a team use a version control system and integrate their work frequently to the same location, such as a master branch. Each change is built and verified by tests and other verifications in order to detect any integration errors as quickly as possible
  10. CI / CD Continuous integration (CI) is focused on automatically

    building and testing code, as compared to CD Continuous delivery (CD), which automates the entire software release process up to production.

  12. New BAE (CD) Tools • Git & Version Control System

    Cloud development platforms

    Azure and Github to handle Staging and Auto Deployment. Join In: live
  14. DISCLAIMER I’m not affiliated to Microsoft or any of their

    products of sort.
  15. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Login to

    portal.azure.com or create an account. Step 5 Procedure A Git & Azure Create a repo on github, name it forloop-asaba, clone repo on local PC Open your favorite Terminal, create a new file (index.php) Git add, commit & push Click on Create new Web App.
  16. STEP 1

  17. STEP 2/3 Clone the repo on your PC and create

    a new index file
  18. STEP 4 Create a new web app on azure, select

    deployment slot from the menu
  19. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Authenticate and

    Select your branch *master* Step 5 Configure your web App: name, subscription, resource group, App Service plan & OS. Select your App from dashboard, select deployment options Choose your VCS where you code lives Click OK. Browse your app and it should be live. Procedure B - AZURE
  20. STEP 1-4 Choose your source code repository and authenticate

  21. STEP 5 Once you’ve done that, click on browse and

    you have something similar to this on the right.
  22. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 GOTO Procedure

    B STEP 3 Step 5 Create a new branch on your repo and push some edit code there Go back to azure, select deployment slots -> click Add slot Configure the slot same way you did for the App step 1 and select configuration source as your previous App Click OK.Browse your app and it should be live with the modification you’ve made and Swap slots Procedure C - Git & Azure
  23. STEP 1-3 Click add slot, choose your configuration source and

    a name for this slot - features
  24. STEP 1-3 Create a new branch name it feature branch

    on github, edit your index, commit changes and push.
  25. STEP 1-3 Setup your deployment options and choose the feature

    branch as shown on the right image.
  26. STEP 5 Result of the newly deployed feature. Now you

    can swap the slots and make this slot into production
  27. STEP 5 Swaps the feature slot to production and Viola!

    Now you can always test new features on the feature and swap to production when it’s tested & ready.
  28. https://goo.gl/L6NtDp - Live https://goo.gl/jDwuJZ - Features/Staging Links to the Apps

  29. CONTINUOUS DELIVERY Why we love it ❖ Less scary, small

    and frequent ❖ Move faster ❖ More empowering ❖ Breeds confidence
  30. CONTINUOUS DELIVERY Why we love it ❖ Just sauce ❖

    Raw sauce no ketchup just sauce The ting goes .... Well you don know!
  31. Thank You. Connect with me @waleCloud