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Social Media Marketing Tips!

Whitney Barnes
January 31, 2021

Social Media Marketing Tips!

Whitney Barnes

January 31, 2021


  1. BONUS! Social Media Marketing Tips!

  2. #1 PRO SECRET: You're Instagram isn't about you, it's about

    your customer GOLDEN TICKET: If you're unclear about your business story and goals, your efforts on Instagram will fall flat MAKE IT HAPPEN: Know who you are talking to and why they are here
  3. #2 PRO SECRET: Become a storyteller GOLDEN TICKET: Your content

    is the story of your brand that connects and converts your customers MAKE IT HAPPEN: Clarify what you're sharing and what the purpose for your profile is
  4. #3 PRO SECRET: Offer them some "champaign" GOLDEN TICKET: Your

    bio is the start of your marketing funnel. Use "champaign" to capture their attention so you can serve them more goodness MAKE IT HAPPEN: In your bio tell them who, why, and what. Maybe something about 50% off their first order.. or free shipping.. offer something
  5. PRO SECRET: Your profile is a one page collage in

    your online magazine GOLDEN TICKET: Use Instagram with intention. You can make the layout look more professional with photos you already have by just being intentional on placement MAKE IT HAPPEN: Stand out by creatively directing your online magazine #4
  6. #5 PRO SECRET: An effective feed isn't just pretty, but

    gives a snapshot GOLDEN TICKET: Tell a story. Words are your bio and captions. Your pictures are your feed. Start with what they want and end with how you can help them. MAKE IT HAPPEN: Invite us into a brand story that leads us into becoming a customer.
  7. OVERVIEW MAKE IT HAPPEN #1 - #3 SCIENCE of marketing.

    Knowing and communicating your who, what, and why. MAKE IT HAPPEN #4 - #5 ART of visuals. Make this a story that they want to be a part of. BE AUTHENTIC. BE INSPIRATIONAL.
  8. BIO IDEAS FOR "CHAMPAIGN" A coupon Free shipping Chance to

    win Discount code Pass out cookies and wait for them to need milk, then offer that too
  9. QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF What is my purpose? The story

    I want to tell is ________. What does my layout look like? (EX: style, community, entrepreneurship, little joys, inspiration, travel, inclusiveness)