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Blocking, Inviting, Embodying

Blocking, Inviting, Embodying

Whitney Barnes

August 24, 2022

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    G T H E 3 d i f f e r e n t t y p e s o f g o a l s e t t i n g e n e r g i e s
  2. BLOCKING: When you’re blocking something, that means you're 100% subconsciously

    repelling it. We do this by the things we say, things we do, things we listen to, Most of the time we don't even know they are negative. Here's some examples of blocking phrases… “I can’t afford that” “I wish I lived there” “I’m never going to find a soulmate” “I should wake up earlier” “I need this”
  3. BLOCKING: 5 words you need to cut out of your

    vocabulary right now Cant, wish, never, should, need. THIS IS KEEPING YOU LOW. This is putting you in a SCARCITY mindset, making you needy, and giving up all your control
  4. BLOCKING: MOST people live here. Most people believe there is

    not enough abundance to go around. That THEY are not enough and whatever they have right now is all they’re destined to have. Another scary thing with blocking is avoiding. Most of the time when we say things like “i’m never going to find a soulmate” it's because that's the thing we truly want but it's scarier to admit that to ourselves than it is to block everyone who is getting engaged and avoid yourself all together.
  5. BLOCKING: Blocking is scary because it is numbing. It is

    convincing yourself that there is not more waiting for you. That you are comfortable living beneath your potential. Those are the people living paycheck to paycheck, working a job they don't like, staying in relationships that don't make them happy and fighting every day to get out of bed. It's an internal battle when you are working so hard to avoid setting yourself free and the majority of people live their entire lives like this.
  6. These people are great. They are usually the people who

    share inspirational quotes on instagram and talk a lot about “good vibes” and how always having a positive attitude is the best way to live. They like the idea of morning affirmations because it's quirky but don’t really understand the depth because they always seem happy on the outside but they are not living their absolute dream life either. This is inviting. INVITING:
  7. INVITING: This is allowing good vibes and decent opportunities into

    your life and making the most of it. you're not being direct and asking for what you want but you're not necessarily sabotaging everything either. Living in this space can be exhausting. You think you're doing everything right, you have the morning affirmations, the personal development books, you might have even made a vision board of all the things you'd like to have but for some reason, things just don't change. You're not miserable but your soul isn't on fire either.
  8. INVITING: A lot of people get to this point and

    then they think manifesting and setting goals isn't for them so they decide to turn around and get comfy blocking and avoiding. This usually comes in waves of motivation and doesn't last long because people get burned out. They've tried the “positive thinking” thing and it doesn't work.

    be able to think of something in your head and bring it to reality you have to learn how to live in embodiment…..
  10. EMBODIMENT: EMBODIMENT is the yin and the yang. The positives

    and negatives. It is taking everything that triggers you, lights you up and makes you feel alive and channeling it into your 6 senses to be able to experience success before it even happens.
  11. EMBODIMENT: It’s thanking God for things that are going to

    happen in the future. It’s writing a list of gratitude for the people that came to your book signing in 2042, it’s envisioning what it's going to smell like when you graduate college or what the weather will be like on your wedding day. It's getting clear with yourself and the higher power, whatever you believe in, God, the universe, source, what exactly you're asking for and envisioning a clear path to take you there.
  12. EMBODIMENT: Embodiment is manifestation, in psychology, manifestation is a strategy

    intending to bring about a personal goal, primarily by focusing on one’s thoughts upon the desired outcome. The techniques are based on the law of attraction.