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Case Study: Māori Television

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February 15, 2014

Case Study: Māori Television

Make it easy for your content authors (hide the complexity under the covers)



February 15, 2014


  1. Māori Television Sean Hamlin

  2. Māori Television Introduction Hi, I’m Sean Architect/developer at Catalyst IT

    @wiifm @maoritv slides at http://bit.ly/drupalsouthmaoritv
  3. Māori Television Māori Television • New Zealand’s indigenous broadcaster •

    Have a lot of local content • Own > 95% content they produce • Language learning
  4. What are you going to talk about?

  5. Make it easy for your content authors (hide the magic

    over the covers)
  6. The magic

  7. Māori Television Empower your content authors You should be aiming

    to keep your content authors happy, happy content authors mean: • less phone calls/emails • more productively • which ultimately means you can build more cool things
  8. How do you make it easy for your content authors?

  9. Māori Television Custom VBO screens Workflow filters language filters

  10. Māori Television Who says you can have only one? Custom

  11. Māori Television Different filters? Custom views filter in behind the

  12. Māori Television Make magic VBO actions These custom VBO actions

    perform Brightcove API writes
  13. Contextual links for inline actions

  14. Māori Television Contextual links for custom actions Send the author

    to node/add/poll with query parameters Destroys the Drupal cache for the video
  15. Māori Television Contextual links for view modes

  16. Māori Television Contextual links for flags

  17. Entity references and i18n

  18. Māori Television ER and i18n This is a box full

    of fun, and it can work Here are some pro tips
  19. Māori Television ER and Views is a good thing

  20. Māori Television ER with no synchronisation A (EN) B (EN)

    A (MI) B (MI) translate
  21. Māori Television ER + i18n_sync A (EN) B (EN) A

    (MI) B (MI) i18n_sync
  22. Māori Television ER + Chosen Now that you have the

    basics, lets go pro with this: 1. Turn ER into a select list 2. Add the chosen module 3. Tell the client that you worked super hard
  23. Māori Television ER + Chosen

  24. Māori Television ER + Chosen

  25. While we are talking about the Chosen module

  26. Māori Television

  27. Māori Television Chosen for taxonomy terms

  28. Māori Television Chosen for menu parents

  29. Māori Television Chosen for menu parents

  30. Māori Television Chosen for language selection

  31. Pick an administration theme

  32. Māori Television :( Seven can be a touch bland

  33. Māori Television Rubik is better Compact and has pretty icons

  34. Māori Television Shiny is really neat This is the commerce

    kickstart base theme
  35. CKeditor

  36. Māori Television Don’t use all the buttons

  37. Māori Television Every button has a purpose

  38. Māori Television Templates button

  39. Māori Television Templates button Embed the node ID 3914 into

    the content Embed the Youtube video into the content
  40. Māori Television Linking to content using linkit

  41. Māori Television Linking to content using linkit

  42. Branded microsites

  43. Māori Television Masthead Side bar Side bar Nav + Tab

    colour Sponsor + link
  44. Māori Television

  45. WAT? http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6192/6084665038_b6b93bd1e3.jpg

  46. Māori Television Key requirements • content manageable • hides the

    complexity • flexible
  47. Māori Television hook_custom_theme() to the rescue Main theme TV show

    sub theme Dynamically chosen at runtime
  48. Māori Television TV show houses fields

  49. Māori Television jQuery colorpicker

  50. Māori Television jQuery colorpicker

  51. Facebook integration

  52. Māori Television <og:meta> tags everywhere Most news articles and episodes

    have around 25 of these tags
  53. What’s so special about <og:meta> tags? (and why do you

    need so damn many)
  54. Māori Television

  55. Māori Television

  56. Forcing Facebook to clear its cache

  57. Māori Television New “sharing tools” pane One click here will:

    1. Clear Drupal’s video cache 2. Tell Facebook to drop it’s cache for the page
  58. Māori Television New “sharing tools” pane The pane then changes

    to “share” links for the content author
  59. Brightcove video integration How does a TV episode make it

    on the site
  60. Māori Television Māori Television 720p video Source video Magic scripts

    XML generation Drupal Brightcove Media API Episode callback Transcode Content creation
  61. That looks hard!

  62. Māori Television It is actually a piece of cake The

    content author only needs to interact at the beginning where they: • rename a video file • drag it into a shared folder • get a cup of coffee
  63. Brightcove synchronisation

  64. Māori Television Drupal is the master Every save on a

    piece of content with a video triggers a synchronisation to Brightcove The content author does not need to worry about this
  65. Māori Television Brightcove metadata

  66. Remember

  67. The magic

  68. Questions

  69. Māori Television Modules talked about • views_bulk_operations • entity_reference •

    chosen • shiny & rubik • brightcove • ckeditor • linkit • jquery_colorpicker
  70. Thanks!