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Python and Jupyter: Your Gateway for Learning

Python and Jupyter: Your Gateway for Learning

Keynote presentation at PyCon Poland on August 19, 2017

Python and Jupyter have strong ties to education and foster lifelong learning. This talk gives an overview of the Python and Jupyter communities and technologies. The talk highlights how Python and Jupyter are used for teaching and for engaging learners.

Carol Willing

August 19, 2017

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 Python and Jupyter: Your Gateway for Learning Carol Willing

    Python Software Foundation Project Jupyter August 19, 2017 PyCon PL 2017 @carolwilling
  2. Carol Willing Project Jupyter Steering Council and Developer Cal Poly

    SLO Software Engineer Python Software Foundation Recent Director CPython Core Developer Fab Lab San Diego Geek in Residence @willingcarol
  3. or

  4. Jupyter Notebook Interactive Browser-based computing environment Exploratory Science, machine learning,

    visualization, analysis, stats Reproducible document format Code Narrative text (markdown) Equations (LaTeX) Images, visualizations Over 50 programming languages Everything open-source (BSD license)
  5. “Jupyter Notebook… will enable data exploration, visualization, and analysis in

    a way that encourages sound science and speeds progress. -Chris Mentzel The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Enabling reproducible science
  6. Exploration and experimentation Physical media with electronics Real world, self-directed

    projects Teaching Signal Processing using Wearables and Jupyter Notebooks Dr. Demba Ba http://pyvideo.org/scipy-2016/labs-in-the-wild-teaching-signal-processing-using-wearables-jupyter-notebooks-scipy-2016.html
  7. Python for Geosciences Dr. Kristen Thyng Communication with students using

    nbgrader http://kristenthyng.com/blog/2016/09/07/ jupyterhub+nbgrader/ Progression to complex examples https://github.com/kthyng/python4geosciences
  8. Start with a proven curriculum http://pyvideo.org/pycon-us-2013/a-hands-on-introduction-to- python-for-beginning-p.html No time consuming

    installs Hands on Takeaway notebooks https://github.com/pythonsd/intro-to-python Teaching workshops Intro to Python San Diego Python
  9. Teaching university students Berkeley Data Science Data8 UC Berkeley http://denero.org/data-8-in-spring-2017.html

    https://github.com/data-8/jupyterhub-k8s http://data8.org/ http://data.berkeley.edu/ http://data.berkeley.edu/about/videos • Campus wide curriculum • Cross-discipline • Zero to JupyterHub with Kubernetes https://zero-to-jupyterhub.readthedocs.io
  10. ipywidgets Docs https://ipywidgets.readthedocs.io cookiecutter to simplify creating new widgets Interactive

    Documentation Engaging User Content Rapid “what if” scenarios http://jupyter.org/widgets.html
  11. Introducing JupyterLab: The Evolution of the Jupyter Notebook The JupyterLab

    Team Chris Colbert, Continuum Steven Silvester, Continuum Afshin Darian, Continuum Jason Grout, Bloomberg Brian Granger, Cal Poly Grant Nestor, Cal Poly Cameron Oelsen, Cal Poly Fernando Perez, LBNL/Berkeley Ian Rose, Berkeley Cal Poly Interns The Larger Jupyter Team @jupyterlab on GitHub @ProjectJupyter on Twitter
  12. Collaboration between tools A log in the console of commands

    executed Explore data in console without messing up your notebook
  13. Extensible “In one night and a couple of dozen lines

    of code we wrote a Fasta viewer.”
  14. Becomes a notebook extension With the same code, the Fasta

    viewer becomes an extension usable in the notebook.
  15. Datasets, grids, and scale 1.2M rows 200Mb csv file. Excel

    can’t open. A few seconds to load and then “smooth as butter” when scrolling. Rumor has it that Chris Colbert has a trillion row by column demo too.
  16. Call to action • Join PSF and Python in Education

    • Attend a user group meeting • Participate in a sprint • Give a talk or write a post • Coach at a workshop
  17. Resources Python Software Foundation PyLadies and DjangoGirls Conferences, Workshops and

    Sprints pyvideo.org Hello World & Raspberry Pi Foundation Python in Education pythonineducation.org
  18. Call to action • Join Jupyter mailing lists • Give

    a talk or write a post • Teach a Carpentry workshop • Contribute to a favorite project • Share your notebooks and Binders
  19. Resources jupyter.org pyvideo.org jupyter google groups and Gitter try.jupyter.org Trending

    notebooks on GitHub nbviewer https://github.com/willingc/2017- science-gateways/blob/master/ resources/resources.md
  20. Came for the language. Stayed for the community. Brett Cannon

    and Pythonistas around the world Credit: Kushal Das
  21. Thank you @willingcarol GitHub: willingc try.jupyter.org www.jupyter.org ipython.org numfocus.org python.org

    Python Software Foundation Python Dev Guide pyladies.org djangogirls.com
  22. • Kristen Thyng • San Diego Python • Demba Ba

    • Jeremy Freeman, Binder • Michael Cuthbert, music21 • LIGO • Photo credits on individual slides Attributions and recognition A huge thank you to the Project Jupyter team and community. Your hard work and passion makes this all possible.
 Python and Jupyter: Your Gateway for Learning Carol Willing

    Former Director Python Software Foundation Steering Council Project Jupyter August 19, 2017 PyCon PL 2017 @carolwilling