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Cloud Development with a SaaS of SaaS - A Story of Continuous Improvement

Cloud Development with a SaaS of SaaS - A Story of Continuous Improvement

In these times of operational excellence and agility, it really is mandatory to understand the opportunities presented by Windows Azure – and the cloud in general. We typically use our skills to improve our customer’s business domain, but who is going to improve the way we work? We can develop for the cloud, but why not use the cloud for development? What if development teams would act like a startup or open source project and just use Everything-as-a-Service?

In this session, I will explain and demonstrate how the cloud can enable us to improve the way we build software.

Xavier Decoster

May 28, 2014

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  1. 2 kinds of people Some work smarter, others work harder…

    Who’s most productive? Who’s the happiest?
  2. Session Outline • Cloud Adoption • Cloud & Software Development

    – Challenges & Opportunities – Developing Soft-where? – A SaaS of SaaS • Business Impact • Q & A
  3. Cloud Computing “A style of computing in which scalable and

    elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered “as a service” using Internet technologies” – Gartner •CRM •Email •Virtual Desktop •Communication •Games •... SaaS •Execution runtime •Database •Web Server •… PaaS •Virtual Machines •Servers •Storage •Load Balancers •Network •… IaaS
  4. Drivers for Cloud Adoption: Buzzword Lottery devices connectivity interoperability globalization

    social real time BYOD mobility IoT NWOW DevOps agility entrepreneurship Lean startups collaboration service ecosystems innovation platform thinking change profitability affordability competitivity
  5. Cloud Adoption in Software Development • All on-premises software is

    “suffering” from competition in the cloud. – On-premises software is patched/serviced … later – Mobile-first, cloud-first world • Not only web sites can be cloud-enabled! – http://remoteapp.windowsazure.com
  6. Reduce Noise & Shorten Feedback Loops Maximize connectivity! • Knowledge

    networks – B2C, B2B – Cross-Team Cross-Discipline Collaboration – Communities & Social networks • Connected systems – Workstations – Servers – LAN – WAN – Embedded/Portable devices Cloud services are designed for maximum reliable connectivity!
  7. Automation is key • Don’t do it for the sake

    of automation – Automation != Generation (of docs, code, specs, …) – Not meant to reduce human interaction, on the contrary! • Reduce waste and increase value – Automate infrastructure provisioning – Automate builds – Automate test execution – Automate deployments/releases – Focus more on solving the problem at hand!
  8. The cloud brings benefits to DevOps On-Premises • Challenges –

    Longer Wait Times – Higher Infrastructure Costs – Lower Developer Productivity • Developers use VMs • IT-Admin provisions VMs and manages environment In the Cloud • Benefits – Shorter Wait Times – Lower Infrastructure Costs – Higher Developer Productivity • Developer provisions & uses VMs • IT-Admin manages environment Your Data Center
  9. Frustrated Developer’s Syndrome Caused by artificial constraints imposed by upper

    management Affects entire organization! • decision making • corporate culture • efficiency & productivity • developer happiness
  10. About Developer Happiness • Get out of our zone! •

    Remove friction or ceremony • Reduce waste • We can do stuff: trust! • We have resources: enable! We all want the same thing: provide a quality solution for the problem at hand as efficiently as possible!
  11. Use your MSDN Subscription! • Only pay for what you

    use (by the minute) • MSDN comes with up to 115€ Azure benefits / month! – Or 1 Free Medium VM 24/7 – Or 2 Free Small VMs 24/7 – Or 1 Free Large VM 8hrs/day + margin for bandwidth, storage, … Check http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/calculator • Includes Visual Studio Online!
  12. Developers, beware! Benefits • You OWN your dev environment •

    Continuous delivery! • Work anywhere anytime! • Use dev tools of choice  Drawbacks • YOU own your dev environment • How to deal with overconsumption? • Be aware of policies! – Security – Data storage – Backup – Availability (DEV = PROD!)
  13. Start with a SaaS of SaaS Build – Measure –

    Learn - Version Control - Continuous Delivery - Package Management - Issue Tracking - Monitoring - Customer Feedback - Support - Marketing - Collaboration - Analytics
  14. Zooming in on a SaaS example: MyGet • Accelerated change

    – Introduction of NuGet – Many .NET open source projects are available on NuGet.org • 2 consultants had an itch to scratch: – Some customers wanted to use NuGet internally and control access to packages – We wanted to play with new tech! – And we had access to beer…  • How can we solve this? – Without repetitive work – With minimal risk or financial investments – With only our knowledge and some spare time
  15. How Would You Build YOUR Software Products? • We REDUCE

    FRICTION • Because we are developers • How: – Lean Startup Principles – Automation – Lean ALM
  16. Transforming Your Business To The Cloud • From products to

    services (*aaS) Freemium? Prepaid? Pay-per-use? • From Pipe-thinking to Platform-thinking Bootstrapping your Minimum Viable Product Network Effects & Growth Hacking APIs & Marketplaces are key ecosystem ingredients and enable co-creation of value!
  17. From Information to Innovation Technology • Accelerated Change “If the

    rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” – Jack Welch • Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs have the benefit of ownership • Innovation is not a Manufacturing Pipeline! You need a responsive organization
  18. The Responsive Organization FROM TO Efficiency Responsiveness Hierarchies Networks Controlling

    Empowering Extrinsic Awards Intrinsic Motivation Office & Office Hours Anytime & Anywhere Customers & Partners Community http://www.theresponsiveorg.com/manifesto
  19. Key Takeaways • Cloud adoption is accelerating – Change before

    you have to • Reduce waste, increase value – Automation & human interaction are key – You should take ownership of your development environment! • Disruptive technology & business models are here now! – Continuously Improve: Build, measure, learn – Think in terms of platforms & service ecosystems – Build on network effects
  20. Q&A

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