Databases — the Choice Is Yours

Databases — the Choice Is Yours

In hardly any other area we’ve had as much change and improvement as in the field of databases. Just a few years ago everyone had “their” database that was used for each project. Today you are confronted with a variety of approaches and implementations.

We start off with a brief look at the theoretical background of distributed systems and databases in particular. After that, we discuss possible scenarios as well as the advantages and disadvantages of several databases:

* Why SQL is in fashion (again).
* Why MongoDB’s document structure fits object-oriented programming so well.
* How you can capture visitor hits with Redis efficiently.
* Why Cassandra is so scalable and fail-safe.
* How full-text search works with Elasticsearch.

The right choice of database(s) hasn’t become easier through the wide range of possibilities, but all the more interesting!


Philipp Krenn

May 28, 2017