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Monitor Your PHP Application with the Elastic Stack

Monitor Your PHP Application with the Elastic Stack

"Every outage is like a murder mystery" is a common complaint. But it doesn't have to be!
This talk gives an overview on how to monitor PHP applications from all possible sides. We dive into:
* System metrics: Keep track of network traffic and system load.
* Application metrics: Gather metrics from nginx or Apache, php-fpm, and MySQL.
* Application logs: Collect logs in a structured format or parse them to extract all the relevant information.
* Uptime monitoring: Ping services and actively monitor their availability and response time.
* Tracing: Follow calls through your application and visualize them.

And we will do all of that live since it is so easy and much more interactive that way.


Philipp Krenn

June 08, 2018

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  1. Monitor Your PHP Applications with Logs, Metrics, Pings & Traces

    Philipp Krenn̴̴̴̴̴@xeraa
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  5. Infrastructure | Developer

  6. Disclaimer I build highly monitored Hello World apps

  7. How do you log and monitor?

  8. Application

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  10. None
  11. Cloud

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  13. None
  14. Open Source

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  17. Monitoring

  18. Metricbeat: System

  19. Packetbeat

  20. Filebeat Modules

  21. Metricbeat: Modules

  22. Filebeat: Log + JSON

  23. Heartbeat

  24. Auditbeat

  25. More

  26. Alerts* * X-Pack and part of the Elastic Cloud

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  28. Machine Learning** Anomaly Detection of Time Series Data ** X-Pack

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  30. Future

  31. APM

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  33. GA: Node.js, React, Python Beta: Ruby, Go, Java https://github.com/frankkoornstra/elastic-apm-agent https://github.com/philkra/elastic-apm-php-agent

  34. Conclusion

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