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Service Mesh Tracing Observability with Kuma and OpenTelemetry

Wenhan Shi
December 15, 2023

Service Mesh Tracing Observability with Kuma and OpenTelemetry

In today's complex and distributed microservices architectures, ensuring robust tracing and observability is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and reliability. This session explores the powerful combination of Kuma and OpenTelemetry in achieving comprehensive observability within a service mesh environment. Attendees will discover the benefits of Kuma, an open-source service mesh that simplifies the management of microservices communication, and learn how it seamlessly integrates with OpenTelemetry, a versatile observability framework. Through practical demonstrations, participants will gain insights into how Kuma and OpenTelemetry work together to enable efficient tracing, monitoring, and troubleshooting capabilities for distributed applications. By attending this session, individuals will leave equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to enhance their service mesh deployments and achieve greater visibility into their microservices ecosystems.

Wenhan Shi

December 15, 2023


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