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TEMPLE: Six Pillars of Telemetry

TEMPLE: Six Pillars of Telemetry

Yuri Shkuro

October 31, 2022

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  1. Yuri Shkuro Software Engineer Meta shkuro.com CNCF Jaeger
 Founder &

    Maintainer jaegertracing.io CNCF OpenTelemetry Co-founder, GC & TC opentelemetry.io Mastering Distributed Tracing Author

  2. Blog post: https://bit.do/telemetry-temple TEMPLE - Six Pillars of Telemetry E

    - Exceptions L - Logs P - Profiles M - Metrics E - Events T - Traces Photo by Dario Crisafulli on Unsplash
  3. Metrics The original pillar Bad for troubleshooting Great for monitoring

    Operational data Dimensional Aggregatable Numerical
  4. Logs The ancient pillar Hard to correlate Expensive Localized (easy

    sharding) Schematized Semi-structured Unstructured
  5. Traces The “new cool kid on the block” pillar Root

    cause isolation, and more End-to-end monitoring Distributed (hard to bill for usage) Capture causality (DAG) Workflow centric Request-scoped logs
  6. Events The misunderstood pillar Lower volume Strong identity High reliability

    requirement Shape: structured logs Change events Everything is an “event”
  7. Profiles The geek pillar Aggregatable Large data volumes No instrumentation

    required Power user tool Lower usage Know when you see it
  8. Conclusion Don’t take it seriously There are more than “3

    pillars” The term TEMPLE is awesome The boundaries are diffuse Pillars ≠ observability, just data
  9. Come to my talk Thursday, 27 Oct, 16:00–16:25 Yuri Shkuro,

    Benjamin Renard, and Atul Singh. 2022. Positional Paper: Schema-First Application Telemetry. SIGOPS Oper. Syst. Rev. 56, 1 (June 2022), 8–17. https://doi.org/10.1145/3544497.3544500