Would You Like Some Tracing With Your Monitoring?

5432b69e7e90874d9468594b22cb3665?s=47 Yuri Shkuro
December 06, 2017

Would You Like Some Tracing With Your Monitoring?

Understanding how your microservices based application is executing in a highly distributed and elastic cloud environment can be complicated. Distributed tracing has emerged as an invaluable technique that succeeds where traditional monitoring tools falter. Yet deploying it can be quite challenging, especially in the large scale, polyglot environments of modern companies that mix together many different technologies. In this talk we share what we have learned while building and rolling out Jaeger, our open source, OpenTracing-native distributed tracing system, to hundreds of microservices at Uber. We showcase new and exciting features that make it even more valuable to engineers.

Video recording: https://youtu.be/1NDq86kbvbU


Yuri Shkuro

December 06, 2017