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Working at Cookpad UK

Working at Cookpad UK

Have you heard that we have an office in Bristol, UK? Yusei Nishiyama, an iOS engineer who moved from Japan to UK last year, is going to talk about:
- The UK office
- Our members
- Life in UK
- Difficulties in English environment and how to overcome it
You will see how exciting working at Cookpad UK is and ... how to be a part of it!

Yusei Nishiyama

February 27, 2018

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  1. The Goal • You get to know • We expand

    abroad • We have a HQ in the UK • We are hiring people there • And finally, you can imagine clearly how working at Cookpad UK is like 2
  2. Agenda • Who am I? • Life in Bristol •

    The product and the team • Using English at work 3
  3. Hi there ! , I'm Yusei Nishiyama • An iOS

    Engineer • Majored in Aesthe4cs • Live in Bristol, UK 5
  4. 6

  5. Conferences • CodeMobile (Chester, UK) • iOSDevUK (Aberystwyth, UK) •

    FrenchKit (Paris, France) • MobilizaAon (Łódź, Poland) 7
  6. Mo#va#on to move • I'm so lazy • I should

    put myself in a challenging environment where I can't escape from • Maximise my odds • I don't know what's going to happen. I just want to be in a be@er posiAon at the right Aming 9
  7. 12

  8. 13

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  10. 15

  11. 16

  12. 17

  13. 18

  14. Cookpad Global • 30M Monthly Users • Supports 22 languages

    in 68 countries • Approximately 200 members in different countries 20
  15. • Challenges in working on a product suppor5ng different languages

    and loca5ons • ! Kentaro's talk • Challenges in process and workflow in a highly distributed team • ! Pawel & Chris' talks 23
  16. Well, it really varies • You may convey and understand

    only general meaning in very familiar situa5ons • You may be able to handle basic communica5on in your own field • You may handle complex detailed argumenta5on very well 27
  17. Facts • Cookpad Global is a 100% English environment •

    The half of the iOS chapter is English na?ve speakers • 80% of members in Bristol are non-Japanese 29
  18. My takeaways • You may need to be at or

    above B2 • Once you get to this stage, moving to an English-speaking country speeds up your learning significantly • If you are below B2, the environment may be too much and studying more beforehand may be a good idea • Intake vs. Input. Only intake can serve as the basis for language development 30
  19. What worked for me • Cheap online English lessons (to

    maximise 3me to produce con3nuous speech) • Checking through a grammar book to know your weak points • Building vocabularies with apps with a reminder • English to English dic3onary 31
  20. • Cultural understanding • Ge0ng all info in English •

    Medium, Ne9lix, language se0ngs, etc • Thinking in English 32
  21. 33

  22. 37

  23. 39

  24. It's not that easy • In a team, just being

    an English user is not enough • You need to be good enough to be a good communicator • Moving from intermediate to advanced is hard • I can cope with most of the situa=ons with my very limited ability as people normally try to understand me 41
  25. • There's no methodology works for everyone at this stage

    • Language produc;on may be adequate but o>en lacks the characteris;cs of natural speech • There are persistent, fossilized language errors 42
  26. 45

  27. • If you fulfil the following condi3ons, this should be

    a perfect opportunity • You have a good understanding of either iOS, Android, Web, Data Analysis, Infrastructur, or ML • You want to work abroad • You have an intermediate level English skill • Issues regarding reloca3on and visa will be handled by the company. Don't worry about it. 46