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Writing Tools in Go For Ops Engineers

Writing Tools in Go For Ops Engineers

Yuuki Tsubouchi (yuuk1)

February 18, 2016

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  1. Writing Tools in Go For Ops Engineers Go 1.6 Release

  2. @y_uuk1 id:y_uuki Web Operations Engineer @Hatena

  3. About 2.5 years since I met Go

  4. My ops tools in Go • yuuki1/droot • yuuki1/grabeni •

    yuuki1/gokc • mackerelio/mkr
  5. Ready for production use

  6. mkr Command Line Tool for Mackerel API

  7. mkr • For programable server operations with Mackerel • JSON

    output (Enable to parse with jq) • Depends on mackerelio/mackerel- client-go • More useful on server (No need to pass an API Key)
  8. Grabeni An ops-friendly AWS Elastic Network Interface (ENI) attachment grabbing

  9. Grabeni • Help a failover tool (Keepalived/ MHA) switch a

    VIP • Depends on aws/aws-sdk-go • AWS API Retry/Max Attempts HSBCFOJHSBCFOJYYYYYYYYY
  10. Droot A super-easy application container engine with chroot without docker.


  12. Droot • chroot an extracted archive from Docker images •

    Pull an archive from AWS S3 • Atomic deploy with symlink and rename(2) • `docker export | s3 upload` by io.Pipe()
  13. gokc Yet Another Keepalived Syntax Checker in Golang.


  15. gokc • Keepalived (well known with LVS) • Replace maoe/kc

    written in Haskell (Parser combinator) • Parser with yacc • Lexer with goroutine and channel
  16. I believe Go is a good solution for ops engineers

  17. Pros of Golang for ops engineer

  18. 1 Easy Distribution

  19. Easy Distribution • One Binary • Escaping Dependency Problem

  20. Why is “One binary” so important ?

  21. • 1500+α Hosts • 500+α Roles • Services continued 15

    years • Many Old OSs … Hatena
  22. 2 Quick development on Server

  23. Quick Development on Server • GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 (or build on

    Docker) • scp ./binary [remote server] • ./binary
  24. Quick Development on Server • One binary & Cross compile

    • My ops tools aim to run on Linux servers. • ex. droot runs on Linux only
  25. 3 Quick deployment as a result

  26. • Not mean that coding is just quick • Mean

    that no hesitation about coding because Go has the simple language specification Quick deployment
  27. Others • Concurrency by goroutine • `io.Pipe()` • Fast runtime

    rather than LL • Error handing by returning error type • `defer` statement • Easy to clear temp resources on failure
  28. Summary • Pros of Go for ops engineers • Easy

    binary distribution • Quick development on server • Quick deployment as a result