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State of Kotlin - Droidcon Berlin 2018

State of Kotlin - Droidcon Berlin 2018


Zan Markan

June 27, 2018


  1. @zmarkan @pusher

  2. @zmarkan @pusher Hosted APIs for 
 collaboration & communication 

 Channels, Chatkit, Beams Bet heavily on Kotlin ❤ pusher.com
  3. @zmarkan @pusher Why #StateOfKotlin? Learning what’s hot in the Kotlin

    world Sharing the ❤ with the community Surveys are fun! ✅
  4. @zmarkan @pusher responses received 2744

  5. @zmarkan @pusher 13min14s average time to complete ⏱

  6. @zmarkan @pusher the state of 

  7. @zmarkan @pusher Employment status

  8. @zmarkan @pusher Developer experience

  9. @zmarkan @pusher Kotliners per company

  10. @zmarkan @pusher Kotlin usage

  11. @zmarkan @pusher Adoption through time JW’s Kotlin doc

  12. @zmarkan @pusher

  13. @zmarkan @pusher Android is eating the (Kotlin) World.

  14. @zmarkan @pusher Other programming languages PHP, Ruby, Scala, TypeScript, C,

    Groovy, Go…
  15. @zmarkan @pusher Top learning 

  16. @zmarkan @pusher How much Kotlin in your codebase? ☕

  17. @zmarkan @pusher Fave features in the Kotlinverse

  18. @zmarkan @pusher 77% 
 use extension functions

  19. @zmarkan @pusher 87% 
 migrated Java to Kotlin. From Java

    to Kotlin…
  20. @zmarkan @pusher (

  21. @zmarkan @pusher …and back again. 25% 
 migrated back to

  22. @zmarkan @pusher reasons for reverting are both technical and organizational

  23. @zmarkan @pusher 29% 
 have used coroutines

  24. @zmarkan @pusher "Stopped using it because it’s experimental"

  25. @zmarkan @pusher "Fully in production for a fintech solution"

  26. @zmarkan @pusher 41% 
 have used a DSL

  27. @zmarkan @pusher 10% 
 have wriżten a DSL

  28. @zmarkan @pusher State of Kotlin Report is launching soon.

  29. @zmarkan @pusher Want to shape the next State of Kotlin?

    - Tweet or email me your suggestions! - Watch this space for the report! - Share it when you see it!
  30. @zmarkan @pusher Zan Markan

  31. @zmarkan @pusher Resources JW's whitepaper from Square: docs.google.com/document/d/ 1ReS3ep- hjxWA8kZi0YqDbEhCqTt29hG8P44aA9W0DM8

    Kotlin Future Features survey: blog.jetbrains.com/kotlin/2017/06/ kotlin- future-features-survey-results StackOvervlow Survey: insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2018