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Building Effortless Chat features with Stream and Compose (Droidcon Webinar)

Building Effortless Chat features with Stream and Compose (Droidcon Webinar)

🎤🎤 This is a joint talk with Filip Babić. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Learn what the new Jetpack Compose Chat SDK from Stream offers and how the team built it in just a couple of months.

We’ll show you a live demo where you’ll get to see just how awesome the Compose SDK is and how quickly you can build messaging features in your app using our Compose components. We’ll also show you how flexible and customizable the components are, allowing you to fit your product’s needs.

Márton Braun

December 09, 2021

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  1. GETSTREAM.IO A Chat API for all your messaging needs •

    Powerful backend Chat API • Server-side SDKs • Client-side SDKs including UI components
  2. GETSTREAM.IO Backend Chat API • Basically magic, powered by Go,

    RocksDB and Raft • Scales to millions of users • High reliability and availability • 99.999% SLA available • Low latency Edge infrastructure • Real-time event handling • Unlimited message storage • Plus a CDN to store files & images • Secure and compliant
  3. GETSTREAM.IO Get Started for Free • 30-Day Free Chat Trial

    • Full feature access • No credit card required • Maker Account • Free indefinitely for qualifying users • Usage caps, no surprise overages
  4. GETSTREAM.IO What we already built for you • Real-time event

    handling • Offline caching, retries, synchronization • Push notifications • Rich UI experience • Performant lists with complex data • Attachments and reactions 👍 • Threads, quote replies
  5. GETSTREAM.IO • Native UI, built with XML layouts • Extensive

    theming and customization • Localization support • Full tutorial and sample app • Drop-in Activities and Fragments • Customizable Views • ViewModels for easy API access UI Components
  6. GETSTREAM.IO • Built from scratch for Jetpack Compose • More

    flexible and customizable • Full tutorial and sample app • APIs designed for Compose • Screen components • Bound components • Stateless components • Feedback needed! Compose SDK NEW
  7. GETSTREAM.IO Building the Compose SDK • Built during the betas,

    released on day 1 • Customization and flexibility • Slot APIs for many components • Theming via ChatTheme wrapper • Full detailed documentation • Built in the open on GitHub
  8. GETSTREAM.IO Users • Used for authentication • Can view and

    send messages • Has roles and permissions • Guest and anonymous users supported
  9. GETSTREAM.IO Channels • A conversation between two or more users

    • Has a list of members • Contains the list of messages • Identified by type and ID • Several built-in types
  10. GETSTREAM.IO Messages • Sent by a user to a channel

    • Can include: • Text • Attachments (link, media, file) • Mentions • Reactions • Threads, quotes… and more!
  11. GETSTREAM.IO Resources • GitHub 🌟 • https://github.com/GetStream/stream-chat-android/ • Tutorials •

    https://getstream.io/tutorials/android-chat/ • https://getstream.io/chat/compose/tutorial/ • Documentation • https://getstream.io/chat/docs/sdk/android/ • https://getstream.io/chat/docs/sdk/android/compose/overview/