IBM Champion Call Tanaka Seigo 201909

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September 15, 2019

IBM Champion Call Tanaka Seigo 201909

This is a presentation at IBM Champion Call in September 2019. I talked about Node-RED Con Tokyo 2019 with passion :).

I'm really grateful to use design materials in this pages!

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September 15, 2019


  1. [サブタイトル] [タイトル] ワンフットシーバス 田中正吾 Champion Call September, 2019 Node-RED Coference

    2019 1ft-seabass , Seigo Tanaka
  2. Outline • About Node-RED User Group Japan. • Node-RED Con

    Tokyo 2019 report! • The impact of the conference.
  3. About Node-RED User Group Japan • For expanding Node-RED in

    Japan. • We held 5 meetups in the past year. We shared Various knowledge about Node-RED.
  4. User group management The user group is managed by various

    tech lovers. It includes IBM Tokyo Advocate member Taiji-san and 3 Japanese IBM Champion members. Kojo-san Yokoi-san and me. IBM Champion IBM Champion IBM Champion IBM Tokyo Advocate
  5. We were feeling a tailwind to Node-RED • Recently Node-RED

    usecases in Japan are expanding when meetup talk and tech news. • We decided that we held Node-RED Con Tokyo 2019 as Node-RED User Group Japan.
  6. Node-RED Con Tokyo 2019 report! • Performance • Speakers and

    contents • Venue • Keynote
  7. Venue This event of venue held Hitachi Central Research Laboratory.

    Hitachi, Ltd is the famous Node-RED contributer in Japan!
  8. Performance The meetup applicants are 180 persons. The usual atendees

    are about over 100 peasons! Meetup Applicants about 180 persons. Usual atendees about 100 persons.
  9. Speakers and contents Education prototyping , IoT Hands-on , Gamification

    usecases ( TJBot zero / Magbot )
  10. Speakers and contents Prototyping inside company, IoT Platform, City analytics

  11. Speakers and contents Various company and society usecases , Node-RED

    IoT Business usecases
  12. Keynote User Group members talked about various benefits of Node-RED

    at Keynote.
  13. Keynote IBM UK Advocate team member Nick and Dave as

    founder of Node-RED joined this conference in video!
  14. Episode Hard point as event management • Preparing was very

    short time for about 2 months. ◦ The various type of tasks progressed in same time such as communicating speakers and member, planing venue and the creative of event goods and so on. We will plan faster than it next time. • At First we can't expect how atendees was interested people in Node-RED. ◦ However we were relaxed that Its applicants were increasing guradually day by day!
  15. Successful experience • We successfully realized big Node-RED confernce in

    world first! • We noticed a lot of Node-RED fans and expanding Node-RED usecases. We got courage! • We could make oppotunities such as communicating each companies and conveying to persons interested in Node-RED about its power.
  16. Special thanks • All volunteer staffs! • All atendees! •

    All Speakers!
  17. The impact of the conference • Summraizing the current of

    Node-RED usecases! ◦ The fresh knowledgies of Node-RED help to New persons intrested in Node-RED. • The fact of holding Conference! ◦ Its expanding the power of Node-RED will convey to developers and companies.
  18. Conclusion Node-RED already had connectable various technologies. In addition Node-RED

    connect to various people now! Please join us when the next conference is held!