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Continuous Discovery – A Year of Implementing Product Discovery

Continuous Discovery – A Year of Implementing Product Discovery

In this LEAN age, Agile Product Teams are constantly trying to reduce waste, fail fast, fail often, Build-Measure-Learn and ship a delightful product. Yet many teams continuously fail to complete the cycle. This is a look back at how our organization has implemented the product discovery process, iterating towards Continuos Discovery and Deployment.


Aaron K. White

April 21, 2014


  1. CONTINUOUS DISCOVERY A Year of Implementing Product Discovery

  2. Aaron K. White Lead Interaction Designer @WebFilings Previously - Empire

    Avenue | MySQL | Whole Foods | Sun Microsystems Who’s the Giant?
  3. Water Fail Method...

  4. • How do you decide which product opportunities to pursue?

    • How do you get evidence that the product you are going to ask your engineering team to build will be successful? • How do you identify the minimal possible product that will be successful? • How do you manage the often conflicting demands of company execs, customers, sales, marketing, engineering, design, and more? • How can you adapt Agile methods for commercial product environments? Mr. Cagan
  5. Product Teams Product Manager Interaction Designer QA Scrum Master Engineering

  6. Engineering | 2 week sprint Design | 2 week sprint

    Dual Track?
  7. Discovery 101 Jeff Patton - Discovery Workshop

  8. “I was introduced to stories in 2000... and since then

    it’s gone HORRIBLY SIDEWAYS...!” -Jeff Patton “... it’s gone horribly wrong”
  9. Get to the Minimum Viable Experiment The Walking Skeleton

  10. Mo’ Better Mappin! Visuals help Shared Understanding

  11. Discovery Jams

  12. Empathy Maps

  13. Journey Map?

  14. Little bit of OCD...

  15. Discovery Sessions

  16. User Journey Maps

  17. Amazing Feedback Amazing Raw Feedback!

  18. Dual Track!

  19. • Greater Focus on Validating every hypothesis • LEAN •

    Data Driven! • Rapid Prototyping • Increase Shared Understanding • Discovery is now SOP • Internal & External Customers LOVE this process! • We’re actually building products that delight! Continuing Continuous...
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