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On Writing Technical Content for Tech Companies

On Writing Technical Content for Tech Companies

* Top misconceptions about writing technical content
* Before you write technical content
* While you write content
* Landing your first technical gig
* Free tools you should have

Samuel James

December 02, 2020

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  1. Technical Writing as a Side Hustle Lessons learned from writing

    technical blog posts for tech companies
  2. Agenda ❏ Top misconceptions ❏ Before you write ❏ While

    you write ❏ Landing your first gig ❏ Free tools you should have
  3. Acknowledgement ❏ Abraham Enyo-one Musa ( Thanks for pushing for

  4. About Me ❏ Software Engineer (Based in Germany) ❏ AWS

    Community Builder ❏ Creator of HubOfML's Newsletter ❏ Technical Writer (Serverless, Containers, Machine Learning, AWS, and Occasionally GCP @samueljabiodun @abiodunjames
  5. Top Common Misconceptions

  6. ❏ I'm not good enough ❏ Writers must always write

    original pieces ❏ Writing takes a lot of time ❏ Writing does not take time ❏ Good writing is about the use of fancy and big grammars
  7. Before You Write

  8. What's the Point • Understand your objectives. • What should

    readers take from it? • Teach or offer advice?
  9. Do Your Research • No one knows it all •

    You will gain perspectives by reading opinions from others • Writing becomes easy when researched well
  10. An Outline is Important • It helps you stay on

    track • It helps you narrow down your research • It's a contract between you and the client
  11. The Outline is Ready. What's Next?

  12. While You Write

  13. Less is more ❏ Compress what you mean into the

    fewest words possible ❏ Don't state what it's obvious ❏ Remove weeds
  14. Take special attention to the lead ❏ The most important

    paragraph is the first ❏ Buy readers and keep them sold till the end
  15. Don't leave readers hanging ❏ Lead readers to action items

    ❏ What should readers take away with them?
  16. Avoid passive voice when possible The goat ate the yam

    is better than The yam was eaten by the goat
  17. Make it simple It may rain is better than We're

    anticipating experiencing considerable precipitation
  18. The secret of good writing is to strip every sentence

    to its cleanest components. – William Zinsser
  19. ❏ Every word that serves no function ❏ Every long

    word that could be a short word ❏ Every adverbs that already carries the same meaning that's already in the verbs
  20. Be cohesive ❏ Use cohesive devices

  21. Landing Your First Technical Writing Gig

  22. Warning! There are no hard written rules, but if you

    do these, you might increase the odds.
  23. Write. Write. Write. ❏ Share how you tackled that production

    bug ❏ Share what you just learned about AWS ❏ Just build your portfolio (medium, dev.to, personal blog)
  24. Partner with established technical writers ❏ You will learn a

    ton ❏ You may also get connected
  25. Use online marketplace ❏ Fiverr ❏ Upwork, etc

  26. Share what you write Nobody lights a lamp and put

    it under the bushel – Bible
  27. Free Tools I Use

  28. ❏ Title Case Converter ❏ Draw.io ❏ Plagiarism Detector ❏

    Grammarly ❏ Word Counter ❏ Text to Speech Reader
  29. Questions

  30. Thank you.