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Doctrine in 90 minutes

Doctrine in 90 minutes

Doctrine from the basics to the more advanced topics. Bear in mind that the slides on their own are not very useful without the video!


Albert Casademont

July 15, 2014


  1. Doctrine in 90 minutes

  2. About Albert Casademont ulabox.com @acasademont (I have no Linkedin, sorry!)

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  7. Doctrine is an ORM Object Relational Mapper

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  13. Complex fetching? DQL to the rescue!

  14. DQL SELECT u FROM User u WHERE username = 'albert'

    SQL SELECT u.* FROM users u WHERE username = 'albert'
  15. DQL SELECT u,g FROM User u JOIN u.groups g WHERE

    username = 'albert' SQL SELECT u.*,g.* FROM users JOIN users_groups ug ON ug.username = u.user_id JOIN groups g ON g.name = ug.group_id WHERE username = 'albert'
  16. Tons of nice features custom repositories schema migrations entity listeners

    caching hydrators composite keys
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  19. The entity lifecycle persist/find detach/merge/remove refresh flush

  20. Entity traversal let's be LAZY proxies entities collections

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  22. Tips use the constructor! update the owning side! generate your

    own id's! be extra lazy! do not var_dump!
  23. Some advanced features entity listeners custom walkers/filters ... and many

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  25. http://docs.doctrine-project.org/projects/doctrine-orm/en/latest

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  27. Performance check-list Metadata & Query cache Profile your DB queries

    DQL join Indexes Hydrators Eager/Lazy load Batch/Detach BONUS: your own change tracker!
  28. finally in Doctrine 2.5...

  29. EMBEDABBLES a.k.a Value Objects

  30. gràcies ;)