Applying the Rules of Simple Design

34147b9eecf59779b777eb68a1805113?s=47 Adam Wathan
February 05, 2016

Applying the Rules of Simple Design

You're starting a new project and this time you want to do it right. Everything's going to be test-first, your domain model is going to be perfectly portable, and your framework will be nothing but a mere detail.

But as soon as your fingers hit the keyboard you're paralyzed.

Should I use a command for this? How can I test this piece without hitting the database? Should these two things happen in the same place or should I fire an event?

This talk is about taking a step back and thinking about what really makes your code good. Using Kent Beck's four simple rules, I'll teach you how to get unstuck and stop worrying about the future by embracing emergent design and writing great code now.


Adam Wathan

February 05, 2016