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When a project leaves the nest: Community driven development and OpenZipkin

Adrian Cole
January 28, 2016

When a project leaves the nest: Community driven development and OpenZipkin

Talk I did at Monkigras, which is an interesting meeting in my old neighborhood on community. This particular talk was my perspective of things that led to OpenZipkin and beyond.

Adrian Cole

January 28, 2016

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  1. When a project leaves the nest Community driven development and

    OpenZipkin @adrianfcole
  2. @adrianfcole • spring cloud at pivotal • focus on distributed

    tracing • helped open zipkin
  3. zipkin • so.. like Chrome DevTool’s network panel • ..

    except it is for your whole architecture https://github.com/openzipkin
  4. None
  5. It started with community focus

  6. None
  7. Answers to the problem evolved

  8. None
  9. commit 92c941890c2009a401b777093342dc4f28955640 Author: Johan Oskarsson <[email protected]> Date: Tue Nov 15

    10:09:47 2011 -0800 [split] Enable B3 tracing for TFE. Filter out finagle-http headers from incoming requests BigBrotherBird is silently born
  10. Zipkin is less silently born commit 2b7acead044e71c744f39804abe564383eb5f846 Author: Johan Oskarsson

    <[email protected]> Date: Wed Jun 6 11:28:34 2012 -0700 Initial commit
  11. And it all seemed to be working!

  12. And engineering at Twitter continued

  13. And engineering outside Twitter continued

  14. Turns out, internal and external communities behave differently

  15. zipkin says “we are a community”

  16. So what happened? • Zipkin development at Twitter was in

    short bursts, centered on other work • Many experienced Zipkin engineers don’t work at Twitter (nor live in the Bay Area) • Platform diversity is a reality for many • Having the same goals was our opportunity
  17. (open)zipkin left the nest

  18. and, I did too.. this deck is that blog.. yeah..

  19. we have small whales • Not everyone came back •

    Some change needed to be reversed • Stabilizing one’s today while progressing another’s tomorrow is a difficult balance
  20. yet, the community has never been so strong • Change

    in zipkin comes from more people across most timezones, for various systems • The zipkin community routinely collaborates with others like OpenTracing • We are learning, but make choices as we go
  21. Thank you! cloud.spring.io pivotal.io gitter openzipkin/zipkin @adrianfcole So.. it’s all

    worth it