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Mobile Apps for Coffee Farmers: 10 Lessons Learned in the Field

by Ezra Spier

Published July 24, 2012 in Technology

It’s hard to build mobile apps. But it’s even harder to build them them for people very different from yourself – in this case, coffee farmers in Tanzania. How do you go about building an app for someone who’s never before used a computer, smartphone, or tablet? How do you convince a farmer to use your app when you speak different languages, come from different contexts, and have different needs? How can you ensure that your app is creating a lasting, positive impact?

This month's Mobile Portland presentation shows how Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers faced these challenges, and what they learned along the way. After deploying iOS apps and mobile-optimized websites in coffee-growing communities around the world, Sustainable Harvest has plenty to share. You might be surprised how lessons learned in places like Moshi, Tanzania and San Ignacio, Peru apply to Portland, Oregon.

Video: http://vimeo.com/46312706
Event info: http://mobileportland.com/events/mobile-apps-coffee-farmers-10-lessons-learned-field