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Real World Functional Programming with Kotlin

Real World Functional Programming with Kotlin


Ahmed Rizwan

January 19, 2019


  1. Real world functional programming with Kotlin Ahmed Rizwan So7ware Engineer

  2. Common Functional Techniques by Jordan Parmer

  3. The Goal Go through a simple real world application dealing

    with control ?ow and errors, and demonstrate some functional techniques.
  4. The Approach The concepts used/applied should be available on all

    industry-accepted functional programming languages.
  5. FP Languages C# F# Java/Kotlin Scala Clojure JavaScript PureScript Elm

    Haskell Functional
  6. FP Toolbox Functor Monads Applicatives …

  7. Abstract DataTypes Option - Something or Nothing Either - Error

    or Success IO - Side ESects Try - Exception …
  8. Arrow Functional Companion to Kotlin’s Standard Library hWps://arrow-kt.io

  9. The Railway PaCern Elegant Control-Flow

  10. The Railway PaCern Source Parse Transform Send Success Failure

  11. Two Possible Results Parse Success Failure

  12. Bypass to Failure Parse Transform Failure

  13. Example Time!

  14. None
  15. None
  16. None
  17. Live Coding

  18. Code up on Github! https://github.com/ahmedrizwan/FunctionalKotlin-Demo