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2020 Election

7eca3e06edc3c69004aaf57de51900c2?s=47 Anthony Starks
November 08, 2020

2020 Election


Anthony Starks

November 08, 2020


  1. 2020 US Presidential Election states ordered by population (US census

    data, 2019 estimate) Republican Democratic EqI hl N i J a V CA TX FL NY PA IL OH GA NC MI e s u D S p O X T v NJ VA WA AZ MA TN IN MO MD WI F W n B R Q k j G r CO MN SC AL LA KY OR OK CT UT L g C Y P f c w M K IA NV AR MS KS NM NE WV ID HI d U Z m H o b A t x NH ME MT RI DE SD ND AK VT WY