Flutter, the road to Fuchsia (DevFest Tarragona 2018)

Flutter, the road to Fuchsia (DevFest Tarragona 2018)


Rubén Serrano

April 14, 2018


  1. Flutter The road to Fuchsia

  2. Once upon a time…

  3. Fuchsia

  4. Secretive Operative System

  5. … and open source

  6. Compile and run • QEMU (only Zircon UI) • Acer

    Switch Alpha 12 • Intel NUC (some of them) • Google Pixelbook
  7. Demo!

  8. Why?

  9. 1. Brand new OS from expertise

  10. 2. Distributed UI

  11. 3. Based on the user (stories)

  12. “What I would like to see is a world where...

    there’s multiple devices, and there’s an operating system that runs across them, and the user, therefore, runs across those devices. […] a world where software is associated with people, rather than devices” - Matias Duarte, VP of Design, Google http://www.mbhsmagnet.org/news/winter17/duarte
  13. Rumor! First devices late 2019, early 2020

  14. How do we start developing apps?

  15. powered by Flutter

  16. Flutter

  17. Pros and cons of multi platform development •Single codebase (but

    not really) •Performance •Updated tools •Community
  18. Single codebase

  19. Demo!

  20. Performance

  21. Performance

  22. And… •Hot reload •Reactive views •Modularity •Testing

  23. What about updated tools?

  24. https://medium.com/@xster/why-flutter-doesnt-use-oem-widgets-94746e812510

  25. Community?

  26. None
  27. Awesome Flutter FTW! •Single codebase $$$$$ •Performance •Updated tools •Community

  28. Not so fast

  29. Drawbacks •Still in Alpha •No Google Maps (yet) •No push

    notifications (yet) •No OpenGL (long term plans) •APK size bigger
  30. Golden Workaround: channels

  31. NOW is the perfect time to start

  32. None
  33. Thank you! Questions? Rubén Serrano akelael@gmail.com meetup.com/GDG-Barcelona