10 Years of iPhone - A Developer's Perspective

10 Years of iPhone - A Developer's Perspective

Let us take a small trip back in time. It is 2006. George W. Bush is president of the United States, and there are wars raging in quite a few countries in the middle east. There were rumors of an upcoming financial crisis. People were getting excited about the possibility of a rather unknown black senator called Barack Obama becoming president. And Apple was rumored to be ready to unveil a new cell phone.

This talk will take us back to 2006 to understand the world of software development back then, and to realize how much it has changed, for the best or, in some cases unfortunately, for the worst.

The speech of this presentation is available in Medium: https://medium.com/@akosma/10-years-of-iphone-a-developers-perspective-dbaf6e0c4ab5


Adrian Kosmaczewski

May 08, 2017