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Rancher Rodeo Zurich 2020

Rancher Rodeo Zurich 2020

Presentation shown at the Rancher Rodeo 2020 in Zürich, Switzerland

Adrian Kosmaczewski

February 19, 2020

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  1. VSHN – The DevOps Company Pronounced ˈvɪʒn – like "vision"

    Founded 2014 Switzerland’s leading DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, OpenShift and 24/7 cloud operations partner First Kubernetes Certi ed Provider in 2
  2. VSHN – The DevOps Company 42 VSHNeers 350+ di erent

    customers partners 1’500+ servers Di erent cloud providers On-premises 88’000+ services Some Figures 4
  3. Howdy! Welcome to VSHN Rancher Use a Local User 

    English  Remember Username e.g. jsmith Password Log In with OpenLDAP VSHN – The DevOps Company 5
  4. VSHN – The DevOps Company For us: manage as many

    K8s clusters as possible Wherever they are located Public cloud Private cloud Hybrid cloud Fast deployment Rancher for VSHN 6
  5. VSHN – The DevOps Company Very popular K8s management option

    for customers "We are providers of providers" Some of our customers want to provide K8s for their customers and themselves Rancher for Customers 7
  6. VSHN – The DevOps Company Greatly simpli es management Common

    interface to all clusters Built-in monitoring User management Very easy to use Particularly adapted for dev & test clusters Customers love GUI GUI brings 80-90%… …the rest through kubectl apply Added Value 8
  7. VSHN – The DevOps Company Scaling clusters in AKS &

    EKS doesn’t work (for the moment) Works with Hetzner, Cloudscale, Exoscale For AKS / EKS we use Terraform Then import the cluster into Rancher separately Some Limitations 12
  8. VSHN – The DevOps Company Used in production Preferred to

    Minikube Currently under evaluation Other Rancher Products 13
  9. VSHN – The DevOps Company 8 x Orange Pi WinPlus

    10 X Kingston microSDHC UHS-I with Adapter (16GB, Class 10) 1 x Waveshare Display 7inch HDMI LCD ©, 1024×600, IPS … tobru.ch/kubernetes-on-orangepi-arm64 github.com/tobru/appuioli-ansible 19
  10. VSHN – The DevOps Company Currently in development We’re evaluating

    it as a solution for updates in our OpenShift clusters Replacing our current Ansible playbooks! System Upgrade Controller for Kubernetes github.com/rancher/system-upgrade-controller 21
  11. VSHN – The DevOps Company Adrian Kosmaczewski, Developer Relations: VSHN

    AG – Neugasse 10 – CH-8005 Zürich – +41 44 545 53 00 – – Rancher and the cow logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of Rancher Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Other brand names mentioned herein are for identi cation purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective holder(s). Thanks! [email protected] vshn.ch [email protected] 24