Alessandro Segalini


In creating sharp and well-crafted design, Segalini places special emphasis on type and text. His design and research interests include: book and editorial design, typeface design, calligraphy and lettering, information design, linguistics, design education, visual identities, and designing with multiple languages. ¶

A communication designer who specializes in typography, Segalini studied and practiced graphic design, typography, type design, and calligraphy in Milan, Helsinki, Philadelphia, Rome, and Izmir. ¶

He was born in Piacenza, Italy, and currently lives in San Marcos, Texas. He teaches at Texas State University and is the typographer for Contra Mundum Press (CMP), an independent boutique-publisher based in New York & Paris that specializes in world literature and several other genres. Segalini co-created ISType (Istanbul Type Seminars), a lecture and workshop series devoted to encouraging typographic literacy in Turkey. ¶

Segalini also designed the typeface Hemingway, which was inspired by that prize winning eponymous writer’s novel _The Old Man and the Sea_. The resulting font family of eight styles was selected for the UK Creative Review Type Annual 2011 in the “Display Text” category. ¶

In regard to education, he believes that knowledge is constructed by the learner through action — it is mediate, not immediate. Education is a process of living, and not a preparation for future living. With his wife Esen they are watching Elisa & Andrea growing up. ❦