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"On-premises" FaaS on Kubernetes

"On-premises" FaaS on Kubernetes

In this webinar, Alex Casalboni will overview the main FaaS concepts and best practices (Function as a Service), explore the open-source FaaS options and discuss pros and cons of deploying and managing your own serverless platform on Kubernetes.


Alex Casalboni

February 23, 2017


  1.­‐kubernetes 2/23/2017 "On-­‐premises"  FaaS   on  Kubernetes

  2. About  Me @alex_casalboni­‐kubernetes Bachelor  in  Computer  Science Master  in

     Sound  &  Music  Engineering SoBware  Engineer  &  Web  Developer Cloud  Evangelist  @  Cloud  Academy
  3. Agenda­‐kubernetes What  does  FaaS  mean? FaaS  in  the  Open-­‐source

     World FaaS  frameworks  for  Kubernetes Pros  &  Cons  of  “On-­‐premises”  FaaS
  4.­‐kubernetes What  does  FaaS  mean?

  5. Func;on  as  a  Service­‐kubernetes h"ps:// Core  component  of  Serverless

      No  infrastructure  management Microservices  approach FuncOon  as  the  unit  of  delivery MulO-­‐language  support  (BYOC) Transparent  scaling  (PAYG)
  6. How  do  you  FaaS?­‐kubernetes Independent  FuncOons Versioning  &  Staging

    Cross-­‐team  CollaboraOon Triggers/Events Local  unit  tesOng IntegraOon  tests Automated  Workflow CI/CD
  7.­‐kubernetes FaaS  in  the  Open-­‐source  World

  8. Open-­‐source  FaaS­‐kubernetes Apache OpenWhisk Funker IronFunctions

  9. Open-­‐source  FaaS  -­‐  OpenWhisk­‐kubernetes Apache OpenWhisk IniOally

     developed  by  IBM FaaS  component  of  IBM  Bluemix Doesn’t  run  on  Kubernetes  yet  (open  issue)
  10. Open-­‐source  FaaS  -­‐  Funker­‐kubernetes Funker Developed  by  @bfirsh

    Based  on  Docker  Swarm Support  for  Node,  Python  and  Go
  11. Open-­‐source  FaaS  -­‐  IronFunc;ons­‐kubernetes FaaS  component  of

    Runs  on  Docker Runs  on  Kubernetes IronFunctions
  12.­‐kubernetes FaaS  frameworks  for  Kubernetes

  13. FaaS  on  Kubernetes­‐kubernetes Kubeless  by  Skippbox FunkOon  by  Fabric8

    Fission  by  Pla_orm9
  14. Kubeless­‐kubernetes “Only”  a  POC  (wriaen  in  Go) Both  HTTP

     and  PubSub Based  on  Zookeeper  and  Kada +
  15. Kubeless  Example­‐kubernetes

  16. Funk;on­‐kubernetes @funk;onio Backed  by  Red  Hat  (wriaen  in

     Go) Integrated  with  fabric8’s  Developer  Pla_orm Only  Python  is  supported Based  on  connectors  (200+)
  17. Funk;on  Example­‐kubernetes

  18. Fission­‐kubernetes @fissionio Extensible  and  Fast  by  design  (wriaen

     in  Go) Reduced  cold  starts  (warm  pool) Only  HTTP  triggers  for  now,  but… Only  Node  and  Python  for  now,  but…
  19. Fission  Example­‐kubernetes

  20.­‐kubernetes Pros  &  Cons  of  “On-­‐premises”  FaaS

  21. Pros  of  “On-­‐premises”  FaaS­‐kubernetes Kubernetes  abstracOon  for  devs Open-­‐source

     soluOon Fewer  non-­‐funcOonal  limitaOons More  control  over  infrastructure Might  be  cheaper  overall Might  be  faster  (dedicated  cluster)
  22. Cons  of  “On-­‐premises”  FaaS­‐kubernetes Many  missing  features Versioning,  staging,

     env.  vars,  Omeouts TesOng,  monitoring,  logging Responsibility  &  Ownership Provisioning  &  configuraOon UpOme  &  monitoring Permissions  &  auth,  orchestraOon More  naOve  triggers  (storage,  db,  streams) OperaOonal  complexity
  23. Addi;onal  Resources­‐kubernetes Webinar:  Hands  on  Kubernetes  (Part  1) Webinar:  Ecosystem  &  ProducOon  OperaOons  (Kubernetes  Part  2) Webinar:  Docker  -­‐  From  Dev  to  ProducOon Webinar:  Docker  -­‐  ProducOon  &  Beyond by  Adam  Hawkins   (@adman65)
  24. Thank  you!                

    2/23/2017­‐kubernetes Q  &  A