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Welcome to Startup Programming course - Fall 2016

Alexey Zagalsky
September 09, 2016

Welcome to Startup Programming course - Fall 2016

Talk given as part of the Startup Programming course at University of Victoria, Fall 2016.

Alexey Zagalsky

September 09, 2016

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  1. Welcome This course aims to give students the tools and

    skills to rapidly develop and transform innovative ideas into working projects utilizing advanced mobile, social, cloud, and web technologies The goal is not limited to learning how to create a startup
  2. The course This course has been running since 2007, started

    at Tel-Aviv University in collaboration with Google and later adopted by other universities We continuously aim to improve the course A non traditional course: it’s not lecture based, has fewer meetings, we can’t teach all the technologies, learning is through mentorship, has strict deadlines
  3. Course web page Website hosted at http://startup-programming.com Includes: schedule, requirements,

    past projects, resources We will NOT be using CourseSpaces or Connex! Please Contribute to course content!
  4. Projects Projects and technologies are of your own choosing (in

    coordination with us) Projects will include designing and developing a live web system A system that has a server and client side (web/mobile), scalable, designed to outlive the course, open source
  5. Teams Students will work in teams of 5 (few teams

    may end up with 6 - ask for approval) Start looking for a team today! Grading will be at the team level (except for extreme cases)
  6. Meetings We meet on Fridays 1:30-4:30 at HHB 110 (meeting

    dates) Meetings will be used to learn new material and may include guest talks. Milestone meetings will be used to present your progress and receive feedback Attendance in all meetings is a mandatory requirement to pass the course The milestone are hard deadlines
  7. Grading Grade will be determined as follows: 70% of your

    grade will be given for presentations and progress along the semester Idea Presentation (5%) Milestone 1 (15%) Milestone 2 (25%) Milestone 3 (25%) 30% of your grade is for the final submission Extra points may be given for: challenging projects, original ideas, collaboration with external organizations
  8. Expectations We expect students to work throughout the semester Heavy

    course load “Difficult but interesting, and requires a lot of effort” “The best preparation for the real world, that applies everything we learned” “An opportunity to learn a lot of new technologies and areas, unlike anything else I've done at the university” “The course is challenging and requires a looot of time and effort, but is worth the end result, and the knowledge acquired in the process” Don’t spend money on the course
  9. Expectations We won’t focus on the business/legal aspects of Startups

    But, we are trying to arrange a guest talk on these topics Nonetheless, Projects need to aim for real users
  10. TL ; DR Form a team (5 members) Come up

    with a project idea web / mobile application (also possible: smart watch app, VR - talk to us) Think of a typical use - a need that could be answered by you application Maybe something you always wanted to create... Discuss it with us by email Email: [email protected] Open a project web site Start at: https://github.com/repositories/new This will serve as your project home page License: choose the one that suits you best (this might help), if you can't decide choose Apache V2 Learn JavaScript It will become very useful very soon