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Learn Vim: Travel the Keyboard, Impress your Friends!

Learn Vim: Travel the Keyboard, Impress your Friends!

These are the slides from the talk I gave at Code & Coffee YVR in May 2016. I share my experiences learning vim after using Atom, and some tips on how to get started.


Alex Taylor

May 19, 2016

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  1. :learn vim :travel the keyboard :impress your friends\!

  2. Alex Taylor @mctaylorpants alextaylor000

  3. None
  4. None
  5. :vim :not just for cleaning stuff

  6. intimidating... ...but productive

  7. None
  8. text editors come and go

  9. popular since the ‘70s

  10. me learn vim? that’s unpossible!

  11. what is vim?

  12. vim is modal not always in ‘text editing mode’ more

    keys are available for commands
  13. vim has a language keyboard shortcuts on steroids subjects, nouns,

    verbs ci( change in (parentheses)
  14. vim is super old 1976: Bill Joy creates vi 1991:

    Bram Moolenaar forks vi and makes vim <—-
  15. None
  16. “Why should I use vim?”

  17. mac + linux + small configs :it’s portable no load

    time (almost) :it’s fast
  18. :it looks really cool

  19. demo

  20. getting started with vim

  21. TIPS :don’t go cold-turkey :focus on your must-haves :don’t use

    arrow keys! :stop and think :back up your s**t
  22. vim-bootstrap http://vim-bootstrap.com/

  23. other resources derekwyatt.org/vim/tutorials/novice/ http://yannesposito.com/Scratch/en/ blog/Learn-Vim-Progressively/ robots.thoughtbot.com/the-vim-learning- curve-is-a-myth http://stackoverflow.com/questions/ 1218390/what-is-your-most-productive- shortcut-with-vim/1220118#1220118

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  26. :thx :) @mctaylorpants alextaylor000 brewhouse.io