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Ways DevOps Could Be More Accessible

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August 30, 2016

Ways DevOps Could Be More Accessible

Given at 2016.



August 30, 2016


  1. Ways DevOps Could Be More Accessible Alison Stanton •

    • @alison985 she/her/hers Chief Problem Solver, Stanton Ventures #devopsaccess
  2. Perspective I Come From White, cis, pansexual woman. Current primary

    languages: SQL, Python, LookML. #devopsaccess
  3. None
  4. Preconceived Notion DevOps == Just a new word for system

  5. None
  6. What do I mean by accessibility? Ability to understand, enter,

    learn, and stay in DevOps by people currently under-represented in DevOps. #devopsaccess
  7. Root Issue is Tribal Knowledge #devopsaccess

  8. 1995 2009 2013 454 books/year 48 books/year 243 books/year #devopsaccess

    2010 1,150 books/year Amazon Keyword Search Results Keyword Founding Rate of Publication
  9. Root Solution is Being a Teacher #devopsaccess

  10. Universality Expand Audience How could someone learn devops from a

    local library computer? Multi-Modal #devopsaccess
  11. Approachability #devopsaccess

  12. Use Case Learning #devopsaccess

  13. Full Examples #devopsaccess

  14. BAD Go to the log file. GOOD Read path/to/file.log and

    look for ERR lines. Those lines should provide clues or at least what to Google next.
  15. Week 1 Write a blog entry Week 2 Answer a

    question on StackOverflow Week 3 Lunch & Learn talk at work Week 4 Make a documentation commit to a DevOps repo Week 5 Draw a diagram & publish it somewhere that has good SEO. #devopsaccess Explain One Thing A Week
  16. Week 7 Give an under- represented person access credentials Week

    8 Make a youtube video Week 9 Update someone else's documentation for a new version or dependency issue Week 10 Document a DevOps practice at work Week 11 Expand on the documentation you wrote last week. #devopsaccess
  17. Week 12 Be a guest on a podcast Week 13

    Invite a colleague to the next DevOps meetup with you Week 14 Publish a library or config file to make something easier Week 15 Talk about DevOps at a non DevOps meetup Week 16 Follow-up with the person you gave creds too. What questions do they have? #devopsaccess
  18. Stop Excuses for Access #devopsaccess No. You’ll break something. No.

    It’s too fragile to risk it. No. It’s too sensitive.
  19. Access If they were really worried we would break something,

    they would teach us how not to break it. If they don't have time to teach us they would tell us what certification to earn, what to read, or what examples to go build to make us qualified. If the system is so shaky and sensitive that giving someone else access is too risky then they are just admitting how horrible of an engineer they are. If the data is so highly sensitive then why are they storing it in the first place, why do they have access to it, and what is the qualifying, objective criteria to be given access to it? #devopsaccess
  20. #devopsaccess • @alison985