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Women in Tech Datasets #chiladieshack demo

April 02, 2016

Women in Tech Datasets #chiladieshack demo

This is the demo presentation slide deck for the #witdata project at the #chiladieshack event in Chicago.


April 02, 2016

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  1. Women in Tech Datasets
    Charlotte, Tori, Alison,
    Christina, Ruchira, Bethany, Loren

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  2. Copy
    By Tyler
    Concrete numbers about women in
    tech are nearly impossible to locate.
    It seems most companies are
    intentionally hiding and obscuring
    data about the women who work
    there. Women in Tech Datasets
    organizes, shares and visualizes
    open-source data about women in
    the tech industry.

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  3. Logo
    By Tyler

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  4. 19.59%
    Of professional developers are female
    (of the 253 companies being tracked)

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  5. Code
    ● Python (command line, Sublime Text)
    ○ Gitpython
    ○ Argparse
    ○ Psycopg2
    ○ Pandas
    ● HTML/CSS/JavaScript (CodePen.io)
    ○ JQuery
    ○ D3.js
    ● Amazon Redshift

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