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The UX of Minimum Viable Products

Anders Ramsay
November 15, 2012

The UX of Minimum Viable Products

This is a short talk I gave at a Hackers & Founders event in Barcelona.

Anders Ramsay

November 15, 2012

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  1. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX The UX of Minimum Viable Products by

  2. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Hey, what are you working on right

    now? We’re working on our MVP... Your what? Our Minimum Viable--Valuable?--Product, not sure. Anyway, that’s what we’re working on. Cool, how do you go about creating a MVP? Uh, not totally sure. We’re just sort of trying to find a minimum feature set.
  3. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX “The Hudson Bay Start” Fur-trappers in Canada

    predicting what they will need to survive for weeks or months in the Northern Territories.
  4. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX MVP Design Hypothesis: - This is my

    prediction of what I’ll need to survive for 2 months in the middle of nowhere. Experiment: - Trek into nearby woods and camp out for a few days. Measurement/Learning: - Did I use more/less food than I expected in 3 days? Did I discover gear I needed but didn’t have with me? etc. UX: How do we design effective experiments?
  5. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX MVP Design Strategies

  6. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Painkiller Strategy: Find the biggest pain point

    that can be removed with the least amount of effort. Great for: Enterprise systems, esp. when replacing a legacy system.
  7. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Fa$t Money Strategy: Remove features/content the customer

    is not directly paying for. Great for: Consumer products, esp. with domain-specific content/features. Image source: http://www.creativedreamincubator.com/images/products/buynow50.jpg
  8. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Turk It Strategy: Manually simulate system operations.

    Great for: Products with complex algorithms, back-end operations. Image source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tuerkischer_schachspieler_racknitz3.jpg
  9. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Go Ugly Early Strategy: Build the functionality

    first, with just a bare-bones UI. Great for: Products in which the selling point is a technical special sauce.
  10. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Fake it ‘til you make it (Archetypal

    Lean Startup landing page) Strategy: Once a final product has been envisioned, market it as if it’s already completed and measure market interest. Great for: Products with a high degree of uncertainty about market interest.
  11. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX MVP Design Strategies Designing MVPs is a

    core part of Modern UX Practice. Will usually be a combination of strategies. Light-weight prototypes can be your first ‘Build’ iteration in a build-measure-learn cycle.
  12. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX One MVP Design Pattern Collaborative Charter GOOB!

    Design Studio X-Pairing
  13. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Thanks! @andersramsay andersramsay.com designingwithagile.com