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Learning to Play UX Rugby

Anders Ramsay
November 13, 2012

Learning to Play UX Rugby

This is a talk on the difference between a traditional and Agile UX practice, which I've given at several events and conferences.

Anders Ramsay

November 13, 2012

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  1. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Why your agile ux adoption is failing

    and what to do about it. Learning to Play UX Rugby flickr.com/photos/educaofisicablog/6008878481/ Saturday, December 1, 12
  2. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX My introduction to Agile... Saturday, December 1,

  3. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX My introduction to Agile... Saturday, December 1,

  4. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX My introduction to Agile... “There’s a whole

    team of developers and I’m the only UX designer. They’re building features faster than I can design them. I can’t keep up!” Feeding the beast “Yes, we technically delivered all the features this sprint, but looking at the big picture, the design’s an incoherent mess!” Sprint Tunnel-Vision “Our PO’s under pressure to deliver the next release and signing off on features despite crap-ass usability. Help!” Half-Baked UX “Yup, we’re Agile. We’ve been sprinting and doing stories and what-not for about nine months now and are almost ready to start development.” AGILEFALL/WATERFAGILE Saturday, December 1, 12
  5. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX “What is the Agile process?” “Where does

    the UX designer fit into an Agile team?” “How do I fit my UX design work into a couple weeks? “What does an Agile functional spec. look like?” “When do we hand UX designs off to devs?” “How does a UX designer work 1-2 sprints ahead of developers?” etc. One source of the problem... Saturday, December 1, 12
  6. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX One source of the problem... “Where on

    a bicycle does the steering wheel go?” Saturday, December 1, 12
  7. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Saturday, December 1, 12

  8. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Traditional Relay Race - Team members mostly

    run alone. - Communication occurs mainly through document hand-offs. - One big crossing of the finish line. Saturday, December 1, 12
  9. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Agile Rugby Game -Intensive and continuous collaboration.

    -Communication through direct collaboration. -Reach the finish line early and often to win the game. UX Biz Dev GD PM BA Saturday, December 1, 12
  10. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX A Relay Race Meeting Not designed for

    collaboration. Slow debugging of issues, differences in understanding. What about…? But I thought… Whaa…? Our top goal is to…but what’s most important is that we…tho what we really must do is to… Saturday, December 1, 12
  11. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX A Rugby Game Meeting Workshop An intensive

    passing game across roles/perspectives. Iterating toward shared understanding. Saturday, December 1, 12
  12. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Collaboration-Centered Design Buy a Feature Cardstorming Collaborative

    Chartering Design Studio Dotvoting Experience Mapping Ideation Clearinghouse Paired Interviews Product Box Product Road Map Provisional Personas Speed Boat Story Mapping ...and many more. A new UX designer toolkit... Saturday, December 1, 12
  13. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Traditional UX Design, Usability What are we

    making? Agile UX How do we make it? Collaboration, Delivery Lean UX Are we making the right thing? Measuring,validating product/market fit. Startup Saturday, December 1, 12
  14. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Visioning Saturday, December 1, 12

  15. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Design Studio (Divergent Variation) Capturing the imagined

    final product. Can be completed in an hour or less. Warmup/ Raw Materials Focus/ Boundaries Sketching Timebox Critique Saturday, December 1, 12
  16. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Cardstorming - Warms up brain and hands.

    - 3-5 minute timebox. - Each participant writes as many features they can think of on separate stickies. - Becomes a feature palette for sketching. Saturday, December 1, 12
  17. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Design Studio (Divergent Variation) Capturing the imagined

    final product. Can be completed in an hour or less. Warmup/ Raw Materials Sketching Timebox Focus/ Boundaries Saturday, December 1, 12
  18. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Sketching Timebox - 5m timebox. - Ensure

    safety. - Everyone in the room sketches. - Sketch individually. - No rules. - Clarify that this is research, not design. Saturday, December 1, 12
  19. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Design Studio (Divergent Variation) Capturing the imagined

    final product. Can be completed in an hour or less. Warmup/ Raw Materials Sketching Timebox Critique Focus/ Boundaries Saturday, December 1, 12
  20. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Critique - 2m round-robin, then open crit.

    - Take careful notes, attach to the respective sketches. - Look for and work to resolve vision differences. Saturday, December 1, 12
  21. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Designing with Workshops Learning, applying, and recombining

    workshop patterns. Generating Raw Materials e.g. with Cardstorming Working in small timeboxes Intensive, focused, productive Cross-disciplinary Collaboration E.g. with pairing, timeboxed critiques, pitches. Saturday, December 1, 12
  22. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Detailed Design Saturday, December 1, 12

  23. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Pairing An intensive one-on-one passing game. Continuous

    problem debugging and knowledge distribution. Tete-a-tete Pairing at NeedFeed: http://nerdfeed.needfeed.com/blog/2011/10/pairing-desks/ Saturday, December 1, 12
  24. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX X-Pairing (Cross-Functional) Designing across dimensions. Allows for

    less/lighter documentation, fewer hand-offs. Mike Long, Thoughtworks Studios Saturday, December 1, 12
  25. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX A cross-dimensional passing game Each medium/perspective informs

    the other. paper build html/css Saturday, December 1, 12
  26. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Designing while building Saturday, December 1, 12

  27. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Designing while Building - Supporting the current

    sprint - Preparing for the next sprint - Maintaining a whole product More a logistics than design challenge. Saturday, December 1, 12
  28. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Automate Collaboration with Cadences Apply Agile approach

    to planning to help ensure whole team is designing together. Can also be applied to field research, usability testing and other UX activities. Saturday, December 1, 12
  29. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Research Saturday, December 1, 12

  30. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Agile UX Collaboration, Delivery Lean UX Measuring,validating

    product/market fit. Traditional UX Design, Usability Startup Saturday, December 1, 12
  31. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX SHIPPING = DONE Agile says... Saturday, December

    1, 12

    1, 12
  33. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Outcome-Driven Research “Is this user-friendly?” vs “Would

    you pay for this?” Continuous rather than up-front research, enabling integration with Agile. Saturday, December 1, 12
  34. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Learning to Play UX Rugby... “Keep doing

    what you’re doing, but do it smaller, faster and continuously.” —William Pietri Saturday, December 1, 12
  35. @ANDERSRAMSAY / #AGILEUX Thanks! @andersramsay andersramsay.com designingwithagile.com Saturday, December 1,