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The Peris of Writing a PaaS

The Peris of Writing a PaaS

A talk I gave at London Devops in May of 2011.

Andrew Godwin

May 10, 2011

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  1. We built a… prototype. Me and Ben Firshman Three or

    four days' hacking at DjangoCon Ran code, had simple deployment
  2. The last 10%... A month or two of hibernation Went

    part-time in December Private beta since February Public launch later this year
  3. It's a challenge We're still a closed beta 300+ apps,

    on 4 servers Some people just have crazy code Security, security, security
  4. Balancer Runner Runner Runner App 1 App 2 App 3

    App 2 App 4 App 1 Databases File Storage
  5. Runners Daemon on each machine Nginx + gunicorn for each

    app instance Output captured, CPU time measured
  6. Upload Receiver SSH endpoint for git, hg, commands Wraps VCSs,

    extracts uploaded files Creates filesystem images