Highly Cohesive, Loosely Coupled (& Very Awesome)

46a19926f5dff95126e78b7393019c9e?s=47 Andrew Hao
February 15, 2017

Highly Cohesive, Loosely Coupled (& Very Awesome)

Designing Rails apps at scale sometimes hurts. Codebases grow out of control, and we lack the architectural patterns to control the chaos. Luckily, we have the powers Domain-Driven Design at our disposal.

With the use of tools like Context Mapping, we'll learn how to map the problem space of our large Rails apps, learn where to draw boundaries in our apps, and do a very simple Cool Trick to organize our apps for higher cohesion.

Given at Fog City Ruby, February 2017


Andrew Hao

February 15, 2017