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Building Beautiful Systems with Phoenix Contexts and DDD

by Andrew Hao

Published February 10, 2018 in Programming

Phoenix contexts are a powerful code organization tool - but without a clear idea of what business domains live under the hood of your systems, naively creating contexts leads to over-engineered, fragile systems.

Today, we’ll learn about the philosophical roots of Bounded Contexts from the hard-earned wisdom of Domain-Driven Design. We’ll quickly get our hands dirty in the nuts and bolts of a Context Mapping exercise, a strategic design tool that reveals domain-specific system boundaries. With our newfound architectural vision, we’ll learn how to write context-driven Phoenix code and develop some organizational rules around communication, boundary enforcement and testing between contexts. We’ll leverage the unique powers of Elixir that make this style of architecture so natural and see how using contexts easily leads to highly-cohesive and loosely-coupled outcomes!

Given at Empex LA 2018 on Feb 10, 2018
Given at Elixir Daze 2018 on March 2, 2018