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Om Next: motivation & design

Om Next: motivation & design

This is a short talk I gave at the berlin Clojure meetup. I explore the motivation behind Om Next's design, what its main features are and what problems it is designed to solve.

António Monteiro

June 08, 2016

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  1. – Roy T. Fielding, PhD “The trade-off, though, is that

    a uniform interface degrades efficiency, since information is transferred in a standardized form rather than one which is specific to an application's needs.”
  2. 1. clients can request the exact total response they need

    2. clients can communicate novelty atomically • without sacrificing relational queries on the server
  3. Om Next opinions • Single source of truth • Minimize

    flushing to DOM • Abstract asynchrony • No (visible) event model
  4. Parser • reads & mutations • Runs on the client

    and server • Hydrate queries • no reshaping! • Edge of the system
  5. {:people [[:person/by-name “Alice”] {:person/name “Bob” :person/age 34}] :favorites [{:person/name “Bob”

    :person/age 34}] :person/by-name {“Alice” {:person/name “Alice” :person/age 25}}
  6. {:people [[:person/by-name “Alice”] [:person/by-name “Bob”]] :favorites [[:person/by-name “Bob”]] :person/by-name {“Alice”

    {:person/name “Alice” :person/age 25} “Bob” {:person/name “Bob” :person/age 34}}}
  7. Creating information • Create temporary information on client • Remote

    mutation hits server • Server replies with mappings • tempids → real ids
  8. Server • Clojure preferred / less boilerplate • Other languages

    -> implement parser logic • easier for languages with Transit • Datomic supported by default • other DBs work as well
  9. Project status • very close to beta • documentation •

    github.com/omcljs/om/wiki • awkay.github.io/om-tutorial/ • anmonteiro.com
  10. Takeaways • we can radically simplify UI programming • regardless

    of library / framework • strive for simple systems • with these 2 properties