OCaml, REborn: fullstack applications with ReasonML

OCaml, REborn: fullstack applications with ReasonML

OCaml is a systems language that’s been around for more than 20 years. Reason is a new syntax and toolchain that aims to make OCaml more accessible to everyone.

This talk aims to present Reason / OCaml as a viable alternative to building modern, fullstack, data-driven web applications that share the types of their business objects between the backend and the frontend (much like Clojure programmers are used to with CLJC).

I will also demonstrate how GraphQL, a data-driven query language for APIs, plays nicely with OCaml’s type system to achieve fully type-checked queries across the board, for instance disallowing clients to compile if they’re requesting a piece of data that the backend cannot provide.

From Small FP Conf 2018: https://clojutre.org/2018/#anmonteiro


António Monteiro

September 13, 2018